Wednesday, December 9, 2015

DIY Woodland Stocking Hangers

Metal Woodland Stocking Hangers:
the Gnome and the green mountains are from

After finding the gnome and mountain from land of nod, I scoured etsy for any brass woodland figurines. There are a lot of brass figurines out there people! A lot. 

I took apart old stocking hangers and used the base for 2 of them and bought two bases for the other two (Target sells the plain bases in two-packs). I cleaned the animals with vinegar then glued them to the bases with E6000 glue. I primed the whole thing with a white primer. After that dried I spray painted them with a glossy spray paint and finished with a glossy clear coat. 

Next I'll blog the two new Island of the misfits stockings I made! They match my others from years past (here, herehere and here)

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Kelly's Korner said...

Speechless. No wait... OMG I DIED FROM THE CUTE!!! Seriously! I love these, and they are so perfectly you!

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