Monday, March 30, 2009

Bunnies and sack lunches

Bunny slippers for Ava made from this pattern. I also made a the same exact pair but smaller for Heidi's new baby but I forgot to take a photo.

A new apron made from new fabric (for the store). I love this fabric! It's Michael Miller and it's called something like "first sight".

Here's that sandwich I blogged about a while ago. I made the lunch sack and chips plus a donut to go with it. It's for a friends little girl who's birthday was a week or so ago. I'm late...In my defense I messed up on the bag. "Katie" was supposed to be embroidered on the bag not on a piece of felt then sewed on to the bag. I had cut out the bag, embroidered it then sewed the seams and realized I had cut the bag too small (actually I embroidered her name to big!). SO instead of throwing the whole thing out I just cut her name off the too small one and sewed it on a bigger one. Not my 1st choice but I wasn't going to throw away the whole thing! I did her name because my dad used to pack our lunches and he'd draw on the bags.

Who asked me if Emily ever wears tutu's? Corinnea? Well anyway, I said she wears all her tutu's and princess clothes at once for about 5 minutes then takes them of and won't touch them for another month or so. That's how she rolls....

*this photo with Ava peeking out reminds me of those photos that you take at a bar (for example) and when you develop them there's a guy in the back ground making a face or something worse like his pants are down. I think there's a page dedicated to this type of thing in Maxim magazine or one of those men's magazines.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am doing stuff..I swear

I haven't scrap booked (is that a word?) in I don't know how long! But we got in new papers and I'm feeling inspired. This paper pack is by Three Bugs in a Rug. I've been sewing this and that but nothing to show just yet (no exciting projects, just finishing stuff).

And here is Ava wearing a very special present from Mary A.
She got this onesie in Strasbourg (she just hopped over to France for the day. Gotta love living in Europe!) Mary knows I love Petit Bateau and Mushrooms:) It was a 2 pack and the other one has little mushrooms and wording all over it. Thanks Mary!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


For my coworkers this is redundant, but for those of you who I don't work with, we have a new addition to the store! It's a coffee/crafting/print photos/just hang out bar. This is right when you walk in the door and it's even better in person. I can't believe it's all made from scratch. We're still decorating so we'll soon have stuff above the bar on the wall. I can't believe how far we have come (see photos here from the old location and this location but before the bar!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

A sandwich and a monster

A felt sandwich made from this pattern. It consists of bologna, cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles (pretty disgusting if you ask me!). This is part of a birthday present for a little girl who is newly friends with Emily.

An unfinished monster for Emily. It was supposed to be another gift for someone but I changed my mind. It's made from fleece and the pattern is McCall's 5826.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Easy bunny slippers

A gift for Adrienne.
Made from this pattern, fleece (minky or regular cotton would work too) lined in a white with pink polka dots cotton and anti-skid bottoms (Jiffy Grip Fabric). The pattern is for just plain booties so I added ears and embroidered a face because everything is cuter with ears!

Of course had to try them on Ava:) They are a little too snug for her so if you make them and the child's foot is approximately 4.5" long then make them a little bigger.

I'll be making her a pair out of white fleece.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hooray a Beret!

Corinnea made Emily this beautiful beret! It's even more gorgeous in person and I'm sure if you ask her she'll tell you what yarn and pattern she used.
Thanks Corinnea:) We love it!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Simple Servant Frock

The Simple Servant Frock from Sugar City.
Here's Emily modeling it:)
I shortened it to be a shirt and added elastic to the sleeves.
This is a size 2t even though Emily is almost 4!!
The fabric is Recess by American Jane for Moda.
I also got the Village Frock by the same people and can't wait to make it.

Here's 2 pictures of Jon and the girls from today. It was soooo nice outside..for once.

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