Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Decor, Ducks and Muffins

I probably should have made Emily put pants on....

Our christmas tree and decorations. I almost finished Ava's stocking today. When i do I'll post it but then I have to do mine. These things have been sitting in a container for two years partially completed.

I love all my ornaments:) They mean something to me, everyone of them.

I love my pretzels and see the Henry the 8Th ornament I got in London?

Below is Emily's tree. Ava wants it baaad. She touches it when ever she can. Those Hallmark Tappers next to Emily's tree are the coolest things. I just ordered the Elf. Individually they play music and tap to the beat. But when you link them, they all dance together. I'm not sure if this link will work but it's them tapping.
Make sure the sound is on.

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to downtown Stuttgart. It was the 1st day of the Christmas Market and did I mention it was a Saturday?? Not a good day to go. I did get a mocha frappachino and some bagel thingies so it was a good day:)

I don't know what that pond is called downtown but it's so beautiful.

At one point I literally had Ava by the back of her jacket holding her up out of the water. She had walked right into it. She only got her shoes a little wet but when I grabbed her I didn't want to drop my camera (if she fell in she'd be wet but OK. If my camera fell in it would be ruined and I wouldn't be OK) and knocked her a little so she fell and got her hands in the water. I know it looked so bad to anyone passing by...

She is fearless. So unlike Emily (see above photo where she is shooing the ducks away)

I upped the cinnamon to 3 tsp and the vanilla to 2 tsp.

I also added a pinch of ginger and a dash of nutmeg ( I have these spoons for just this purpose)

oh, and lots of the regular sized chocolate chips (no wimpy mini chips used here!).

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Assignment #3

Here's assignment #3 from my photography workshop.

The instructor gives you a list of 10 things, you write them down on individual pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Blindly pick 3 and incorporate all 3 things into one picture. I wanted to cheat after I got the 3 below (specifically handwriting) but I know I'll never get anywhere if I don't push myself.

morning time


belly laugh

My original idea was to have Emily "write" with her finger, her name in the sky and I'd capture her swirling her hand. And her laughing... Someone didn't really understand what I meant and kept "writing" like that kid from the Shining when he uses his finger to say Red Rum. She was just using part of her finger and no arm and no swirls! So this was idea #2. She can spell her name but every time she writes it, it's different. This time is was in a square. Sometimes it's some letters out of order, some not. Or all over the page: a Y here, an E there...

So anyway, I have no crafting stuff because I've been doing embroidery and I don't want to show that till it's done. I've also been (gasp!) spending time with my family:) Oh! And I put up my Christmas decorations already! I just get so excited about it and every year it gets earlier and earlier that i put it all up. If you're the spokes person for Thanksgiving, all I have to say is, I can do what I want so there "thspppp"! FYI, that's me blowing a raspberry with air quotes. Inside joke. My sister will get it:)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stitchette & Shelves

Got these cookie cutters so Mary A. can make me some cinniman ornaments:)
No pressure Mary. From etsy seller, CupcakeSocial on etsy.

I'm not really pleased with the quilt part (it's sooo plain and the colors I chose...blah) but I love the girls. I changed their clothes a little bit from the original.

Another diaper/wipe holder thingy special ordered.

And last but not stash!
Or to be more accurate, my quilting-cotton-and-some-corduroy stash.
All my dress fabrics, decorator fabrics, velvets, trims, etc. are all downstairs in the basement. My flannel is under the Emily's bed. I'm showing this because I just got the shelving the other weekend I love it! It's the perfect depth for fabric and it goes almost to the ceiling. It's the PAX series from Ikea and super cheap (as in quality). So cheap that we may have to give it away when we move. The doors were not in stock but they'll be glass. The right hand side is all scrap booking and past magazines (my much loved old Martha Stewart Babies and Kids magazine among others).

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wee camera case

My new camera case! Oh how I love thee....
Opened, closed, close up.. that's a pocket on the back with the label.

The pattern is from here. The lining is Red Letter Day by Lizzy House and the main fabric is a Japanese import from this etsy seller. It's a light weight canvas and the green is really really nice. I tried to capture how green it is in the picture above to the right. . Anything with wee sheepies will always remind me of my trip to Scotland with my sister.
The case fits my pink Canon Powershot E1 perfectly:)

Avy upset because I told her to stop grabbing the camera case while I was photographing it.
See the one tear? In other news: I finished these books and recommend them: The Help & The Blood of Flowers. I'm reading The Forgotten Garden. Loove it!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Assignment #2

So here's assignment #2 (just the above picture) for my photography class. Take a picture of someone with a background or situations that represents them. I also took photos of Corinnea at the store and although I really like them, these are much more like I had envisioned. I can totally picture how I should have had Corinnea pose now that I relaxed an did this littel shoot..maybe next time. I'll post the pics of her at a later time (if that's OK with you Corinnea!)
I just loved the others so I had to show them. They are all done with Pioneer Woman 70's action. I had a lot of trouble getting them all to be similar in color. I got close but as you can see from the one below that the two are slightly different in color.

When I was little I had a doll named My Friend Jenny. Of course I don't have her anymore so I recently went on eBay and won her and her friend Mandy. They are for the girls for Christmas.

How stinkin cute are these dolls? Jenny is the dark one. I'll give that one to Emily and the blond to Ava. I think I loved Jenny so much because she had brown hair and brown eyes like myself. At the time it seemed like most barbies and dolls had blue eyes. These photos are from the auction and I can't wait till they get here! Now I have to get more clothes for them!

I also got this camera case pattern from this etsy seller. I really need to make one ( it's about time to retire the dirty baby sock I've been using). I 've been looking for a pattern for a long time and when I saw this one I knew this was the one I wanted. I love the way the straps are. Double insurance it won't open and your camera wont' fall out. I'll post pics when I make it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

She's sketchy

It seems like ages ago I found this idea for an ebook cover. And today I finally made it!
\Well, the idea was actually for a lap top cozy....

It's made from 100% wool felt from (love their Holland wool felt). I laid the reader on the felt and added 1/4" all the way around (11.5"x7.75" for the outside and 5"x7.75" for the two inner pieces). I cut a rectangle on the front, added light grey felt behind it and then machine stitched designs all over it. I then embroidered "jen_a_sketch". I added the buttons last.

I'm pretty darn happy with it! I found this version on etsy. Cute idea!!

Emily playing with it...

Adrienne: I'm having major trouble with the bibs you commissioned. It's because it's that really thick vinyl..I'll explain/show you next time I see you. So I had to take a break and sew something fun:)

Emily today. So tired of me.

What? You NEVER sit around with a hamburger on your head??
We do all the time.
It's how we roll here:)

Dazed and confused after eating

Two angels having a chat.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Too Inspired, must shut out ideas

I haven't posted in 6 days! Well one reason is the Art & Espresso this past weekend and the other is, I'm taking a photography class online. It's called Eye Candy Workshops. Above is my 1st assignment. Take a picture of something that most represents you past present or future. Can't get more represent'n than the above! It's a very basic and not very exciting picture but it shows who I am (sort of) and I needed it to be blurry in the background (we're messing around with aperture's, etc.)
If you're name is Steve M. don't look at the above picture! My brother-in-law is a fire fighter in Sacramento and collects cool fire related stuff. I found this on etsy and just think it's the funniest thing ever! I got it for his birthday next year.

How simple would it be to make these coasters?? And I like that they are each a different color so you're guests know who's is who's. It's from this seller on etsy. They would make good stocking stuffers, no?

I love these Christmas pillows and think they too would be easy to make. I forgot to note the seller on etsy. I hate when I do that! Sorry etsy seller:(

And I really want to make or buy this little note pad for Emily!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Art & Espresso

This weekend (Thursday thru Saturday) is our Art & Espresso Event!
It's like a cool craft fair, indoors and with espresso!
Below is SOME of the cinnamon ornaments Mary A. will be selling and the rest is stuff I will have there. Of course I will always take orders through my blog:) Hope to see every one there!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The day after

The couch at the Swabian that we always take a picture on.

Before we left for the bar.

All us girls from work.

Messing around outside. Kelly took these.

Emily & Ava Trick-or-Treating. Ava was really good. Didn't really shy away from people. She would take the candy handed to her and put it in her bag and she only wanted to hold Jon's finger while we were walking.

Ava licked and gummed every piece of candy in her bag after we got home (seriously).

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