How to Train your Dragon costumes

So here's the break down of Ava's Astrid Costume:
these other items were not purchased from these links but so you can get a picture of what I mean I have linked to etsy and amazon stores.
shoulder armour is made from grey craft foamie sheets and sliver spikes then after assembled I spray painted the whole thing with Krylon Satin Nickel spray paint
  and crayola air-dry clay for the skulls glued gunned on to the ends then the whole thing is attached in the front and back to the shirt with broach pins. They are glued to the skirt with a heavy duty glue not glue gun. **I do not recommend the crayola clay only because they break very easily and Ava broke one on the shoulder back just getting in the car**
The fur for the boots is sherpa  attached to a legging (see photo)
Her under skirt is a brown faux suede
head band is same faux leather as the skirt and spray painted with same silver spray paint as above (see photo of how)

For the above fur cuffs I cut off the bottoms of old leggings, made cuffs from the sherpa and sewed the legging to the cuff.
Below  is how I got the silver dots on the head band. I used blue painters tape and a hole punch then sprayed with the silver I used on the shoulder armour.

Emily as Hiccup...
The break down of Emily's Hiccup Costume:
Green shirt fabric is a cotton fabric that has flecks of green and brown (don't know the name of it)
belt is a thick faux suede.
black tee underneath and green leggings (both purchased)
boots are just regular girls brown boots (some German brand) and fur for boots is sherpa attached to leggings (see photo) and folded over the boots. 
Pattern for shirt and vest are ones I altered from old Halloween patterns out of print.
Ava's ax , Emily's shield and the morning stars are form a German fest and Emily's helmet and sword are plastic and from Amazon I think. 


Jules said...

You are amazing!

kristin said...

seriously, seriously awesome. we love that movie, too!

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