Friday, November 22, 2013

Oktoberfest Wood Burned Table

Above is a typical German fest table. Or Oktoberfest table or beer fest table or just an awesome table!
They come in different lengths, widths and even with backs on the benches, they fold up and they are what you will find in the tents at Fests (and a Fest here is the equivalent to a Fair in the States). You'll also find them EVERYWHERE. At events, in back yards, at parties, etc. And one last thing, you can't buy them in the States or if you do then they are expensive (or so my sources tell me!). Like $300-500. Ours was $100.
Anyway, I had the idea to buy a wood burning kit and burn a Parrishplatz banner on ours. Actually I had the  idea and didn't even own the table yet so I bought the table, consulted the experts and now I have this super cool one-of-a-kind personalized German Fest table!! Kelly really helped a lot with this as I had never ever picked up a wood burning tool. She helped via email and then my friend and neighbor Yesenia who had never wood burned did the shading. Had she not helped it would not have looked as good as it does. The shading is exquisite, no? And totally makes it. I have plans to add an Edelweiss and more pretzels to the benches but that will have to wait. I finished this MONTHS ago but you know, life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. 
I used a beer and two pretzels because Jon loves German beer and I love pretzels. End of story. I found the images online and the banner was one I had from a scrap-booking kit. The font is Oktoberfest. I practiced on a wooden TV tray table 1st. After sanding off the finish which took forever.... Also, I sanded off the finish of the fest table and have yet to refinish that area.
Below is a beer tent at Oktoberfest in Munich with all the fest tables.
And below is a tent filled. 
Imagine a lot of smoke and stink and drunk people  and it's hot and as the night goes on people get on the tables and clothes come off and vomit happens and a good time is had by all. I did the tent once our 1st year here and then never again. That would have been my thing in my early 20's but in my early 30's ..not so much. Just not my thing and i had quit smoking about 2 years before that. Had I smoked I might have enjoyed other peoples smoke:) And really it's not a tent. They say "tent" but it's a building nowadays. Might be a temporary building but it's still not a tent. 
*I took the images without permission from a google search.
I realized I had not blogged in almost a month! The reason is.. we are moving back to AMERICA!! 
We have an idea where it might be and when (very very soon, hence the no blogging. I have been packing and throwing out and selling stuff) but I cannot say for sure and don't want to jinx it so I won't say. Lets just say it might be a warm place and I use to live there....:) 

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