Friday, May 10, 2013


1st are some felt and yarn flowers I made. I saw this post and this pinterest pin and then searched for more and had to make some. I had to scratch that itch. I LOVE THEM. I had Emily and her friend Tara make one each for their teacher for one of the days of Teacher Appreciation Week. Wednesday was bring a flower (real, fake, drawn, etc.). I used my clover pom pom tool and wool felt (although for Emily's, the blue one, she used acrylic felt). I used the tutorial from deliacreates for the Black Eyed Susan's.

I collaborated on this Batman sign with a friend for her son. She bought the paint and wood (really really thin wood panel about 1/4" thick and about 14"x18") and i provided and cut out the letters and logo on my Silhouette. I had to find the Batman logo online and trace it in the Silhouette program as they don't sell it in the store. The idea came from a sign on etsy but now I can't find the exact one (it was the same colors). If you just Google the saying you get links for other ones but not the one we got the color scheme from.

Ava in the middle of a Nutella high. Nutella is a hazelnut chocolate spread like peanut butter. Its huge here but it was available in Vons and other supermarkets even before we moved here 9 years ago. It's great on waffles, banana bread and lots of other stuff. 

The weather has been an ASS here. Just plain mean. One day rainy, one day cold, one day super windy and then out of the blue 70 degrees and beautiful. Then back to ugly. Slowly we have been acquiring new patio furniture and I have been trying to sit out here on the days the sun shines (so once a week??). It has been soooooo awesome finally having a patio and backyard all to ourselves. I could stare at my furniture all day....

Below is a belated birthday gift for Jon. Yes, you see correctly. It's for his man cave (it's in the basement so it really is a cave) but it gets no light so we have this near my computer. All supplies except jar are from this place on etsy. It's called "look ma no bra".
And this is the one below we got Jon's sister for Christmas from

I know I showed this on Instagram but can't remember if I posted here. Ava wrote on my couch cushions. The same ones I made. That took hours of constructing, making piping and putting in zippers. She said she didn't do it. Maybe she didn't.. maybe Jon did it as a way to lash out. 
*I have not tried to wash it. I am actually thinking I might leave it...
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