Monday, July 22, 2013

Vintage Style Backpack Tote

Remember this fabric that I got in Japan? I finally made something for Jenny B! I made it about a month ago but then my family came right after so I couldn't photograph it or blog it till today. She said I could make anything and I wanted to really show off the fabric. It had to be a big item. This bag pattern by Amy Butler called Vintage Style Backpack Tote was a perfect idea for it. The pattern called for a big front pocket but not only did I not have enough fabric but I would have had to cover up one of the little people or match them up perfectly. The outside fabric is like a linen cotton blend and the inside is a canvas. I didn't use any interfacing except for the straps. I didn't interface the whole thing because I didn't want it to be heavy and bulky.
Jenny B is a school teacher for the military in Japan so I think (and hope) she'll get a lot of use from this bag! If she needs her hands free she can wear it as a back pack. The straps are adjustable (velcro).
The back strap loops.
I grabbed something heavy and random from my sewing room to show the space inside and what it looks like when on the back with something heavy in it. Below I had Emily (fresh from the back yard in her bathing suit) hold the bag so you can see the size of it relative to an 8 year old!
I hope you LOVE it Jenny B! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Emily's 8th Birthday Party

Emily turns 8 on Wednesday but yesterday we had her party because some very special people are in town right now! Jon's sister and niece (below with Ava) have been here for 2 weeks. 
And my friend Connie has been here visiting her mom. 
We had 20 kids!!!! I think Emily had "the best birthday ever" which makes me very happy.

We have been very busy visiting:
Paris (the Louvre and other sites plus one day at Asterix Parc)
Italy (Venice and Verona)
Austria and today we are going to the Czech Republic!
We stayed a night in Garmisch and toured Neuschwanstein Castle. I feel like I'm leaving something out....
I will post pictures later. 
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