Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mini Briar #1

A Mini Briar Sweatshirt in size 6/7. Emily is 10 and thin (this fits Ava as well who is 8. It's just longer on her). Pattern by Megan Nielsen. The fabric is a really lovely knit terry that is nice and stretchy. I bought this and other colors at G Street Fabrics in Maryland.  I used a kangaroo pocket from another pattern and curved it to match the hem of the Briar. Ava is really into kangaroo pockets right now.

I decided to do a freezer paper stencil with acrylic paint and fabric medium instead of heat transfer using my Silhouette because I'm getting irritated with the heat transfer not sticking as well as I'd like. This is the first time I've done a freezer paper stencil and found it to be really easy. BUT!!!! As I was painting it, I got "spazzy" (according to Emily) and slung paint several times so that's why there are extra hearts on the sleeves (her idea). There are supposed to be big hearts as elbow patches but the little ones are because "I did what I tell the girls not to do" (spazz) according to Emily...
You have to tear off a big piece of freezer paper way bigger than the image you're going to cut so when you iron it on, the excess covers the rest of the fabric and should you drop some paint or spazz, it will fall on the freezer paper not your fabric.

I don't like how the neck kind of pulls but I think that's just how I sewed it. The next one I made I rounded the neck a little more and it helped. Also, I loved rolled/raw-edge hems but I think I'm going to add sleeve cuffs at least to this. I got the bunny design from the internet ages ago so I don't know who's it is.
I saw this pattern after Kristen (from Skirt as top) posted one and was instantly in love! 
I think this pattern is super easy and well written. I had no issues with it and have made it twice now. I also have the adult one to make myself some sweatshirts. 

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