Thursday, April 29, 2010


The weather here is unbelievable. Just gorgeous.

I think it's appropriate to call Ava chunk since one of Jon's favorite movies is Goonies (we even went to Astoria, Oregon to see where they filmed the movie) and because of Jenny B.

We went to Heidi's house Wednesday and the girls played in the pool.
Here's My girls with Sienna.

She was cracking her self up.

And Annabel who just turned one.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet Little Dress

made from this pattern by Leila and Ben. It's an instant download after you pay for it which is something I love! Can't get that on etsy. When cutting out the dress, I cut the size 5 but the length I cut for a 12 month old so it's more a shirt.
Fabric is a silky cotton by Moda. I think it was from the Seaside Rose line around 2004. And in case it doesn't show well, it's a very pale pink and white gingham. I used clear elastic in the casing. I like it much better than traditional woven elastic for this.

I didn't make it for my Emily-she's just modeling it. I made if for the other Emilee. If I can get a photo of her in it I'll post. Emilee likes all things pink and girlie. I added the bows to make it extra sweet.

Emily and Ava playing and not fighting! Ava wanted that shirt off at one point during the pictures. So that should answer your question Kelly as to whether she wants her clothes off in public:) And that shirt was the one Emily wore to bed last night. Ava wants everything Emily has.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

T-Rex + Puzzle = Perfect

A t-Rex made on the laser cutter at work. the wood is like a particle board. How cool is this thing?? I saw it in the frame shop yesterday and had to have it. I knew Emily would loooove it.

It's a puzzle.

You can paint the board first then have the laser cutter cut the pieces. I couldn't wait.
The pieces are really meant to be glued together so it's more of a model than puzzle (the pieces are not tight) but Emily LOVES puzzles. She can put a 100+ piece puzzle together lickety split.

Holding the head. It slides off easy and on it's own sometimes because it's meant to be glued. I don't want to glue it till Emily loses interest. For now she has taken it apart and put it back together several times since last night. I have to help with the first 3 parts but then she does the rest. Mary A: I did have to get the directions off the Internet. After staring at it for a couple of minutes, I asked myself why not just get the directions? I'm not about the challenge. I want the results!

the head dismantled and a vertebrae.

I have no idea if we'll sell these in the store but we should! A kit with the instructions.
Cory showed me a bunch of stuff that can be cut out. Really cool stuff! One thing that was already cut and assembled int eh frame shop was the Eiffel Tower. It's huge!!
Ava refuses to wear clothes. Everything is "stuck" and needs to be removed pronto.

Emily just learned the thumbs up sign. It's hilarious.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One block down...11 more to go

"Another Brick in the Wall" from Carolina Patchworks.
I have 11 more of these blocks to go. All in pinks.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hope Valley

Bag is from the book One Yard Wonders and fabrics is from Denyse Schmidt called Hope Valley.

*That's Jon holding the bag in the close up

It was super easy to make. I'm still confused about that little detail in the front. What's it for? Don't say keys. It would weigh the bag down.
The bag is a little droopy for lack of a better word. Maybe it needs to be interfaced or just a little smaller. You can see from the photo of me wearing it that when loaded up with stuff it gets floppy/droopy weird looking. I had to make do with the hardware we had which was too small (the D rings. I would have used larger O rings but we were out). I do like it but will make changes next time. It's for the store anyway. We're getting in the book soon so we need samples.

Above is a new book from Ed Emberley (new in the house but new to the world) How to Draw Animals Book. I LOVE these books!!
Look at Emily's drawings below.
The green thing that's not an alligator is a dragon and the top black thing is a bat.

Below is the other book she got from Ed Emberly.

A book full of fingerprint drawing how-to's.

Below is some of her tries.
These two books plus this puzzle maker is keeping her occupied for hours.
Hours I tell you.

I started this quilt yesterday out of all my pinks. It's going to take forever but it's going to be soooo stinking cute!!!
I'm still listening to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and have grown use to it. I'm so glad I opted to listen instead of read it. It's entertaining.
I'm reading Gone Baby Gone. It was made in to a movie a year or two ago. It's so good. I couldn't get into Atonement. Life is way to short to read books you just can't get in to:)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Every pretty girls deserves to go to a ball

My new Serger!! Or will be when I get it in the mail. I had to have my sister purchase it for me from a dealer (thanks Julio!). It's an Enlighten "Wave" Baby Lock (the wave is a type of stitch this particular machine can do. a fancy decorative stitch I'm not sure I'll ever use) . It has jet air threading and automatic tension. No messing with either! Here's a video on youtube that shows threading and stitching for the model below the one I got. I'm really excited about the rolled hem and gathering feature. My old serger did a rolled hem but you had to switch out the throat plate, use a different attachment, turn a bunch of knobs rethread and hope you got the tension right. I never used it but maybe once in 17 years. It was such a pain that it wasn't worth it. On the youtube video, she shows you how to gather fabric on the serger. It's fascinating!!!! If you have any interest in a serger watch the video.
I unexpectedly had to give back the serger I was borrowing till we moved and dig in to my savings (which I wasn't done saving for) and get a serger asap since I use one all the time. I had gotten so used to using one it's devastating being without one:) I decided on the baby lock for many reasons (and lets hope I'm not disappointed!). One being I wanted something from a dealer for warranty purposes, etc. and the only way I could get a dealer to deal with me was by having my sister go to one and inquire. Well the one I asked her to go to didn't sell Bernina's anymore (which is what I thought I wanted since I had one before and the one I was borrowing was a Bernina) but they did sell baby lock. So I joined a yahoo babylock discussion board and asked everyone for their opinion. I did research online and asked questions. I will definitely post after I get the machine and have used it on many different types of fabric and used all it's features. I'm hoping to help anyone else who may be looking for the same machine. Not easy to get an idea of how a machine works when you can't even test drive it like someone normally would be able to in the states. I have no idea if they even sell Baby Locks in Germany....
What movie is my post title from?? When Ava was wrapping her dinosaur in Emily's hello kitty panties this morning, it kept running through my mind that every pretty dinosaur deserves some panties. She has been at it for about 30 minutes trying to get him wrapped to her liking. I expect a tantrum any minute. We already got one from Emily when she saw that Ava had her underwear.
The movie is Yes Man and really one of the funniest movies.


I made a bag from the One Yard Wonders Book (fabric is from the Hope Valley line) but I have to wait till I go out side to take a picture. I'll post that next.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Bags

Another toiletry bag from this pattern. Fabric is Nicey Jane coated cotton (vinyl).

I love the inside!

A credit card/I.D. from this tutorial. I made a mistake or two....It doesn't slope to one end. that's just the way I had it leaning for the picture.

If you were to put something in the back pocket pictured below and then attached the clip to something, whatever you put in the pocket would fall out because i put the clip on the wrong end!!

I'll definitely make another one. I think it's really cute and practical.

Thanks Lisa for showing me the pattern:)


I wanted my family to see how long Ava's hair is now. And the curls..

This isn't the best picture to compare my baby one to but I really didn't want to search for too long. I can see the resemblance, can you?

I said I don't usually listen to Audio books if I haven't already read them first but I decided I wanted to listen to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies instead of read it. Hmm...the lady who reads it's voice is a little grating but I'm getting through it.


I started reading Atonement last night. I only read a page or two. I did finish the last book from the Into the Wilderness series that Margaret got me started on. It's the last of them and it made me cry. It finishes just like 6ft under finished it's series and I bawled like a baby during that!


Also, I've been meaning to talk about my crayon ruined clothing from months ago. Well, I received a comment (in the comment field of that post) with a list of things to do. I did them about 4 times and the crayon came out of just about everything. Two items are completely ruined and one was my new Cargo pants from the gap that had never been worn:) And the other item that was not salvageable was a vintage button up shirt of Jon's. I hated that shirt anyway but Jon loved it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Lots of pictures of the same thing. But I just loved them all so you have to sit through them.

This dress is from Oliver + S and it's a free download! It was sooo easy and went together fast.
The fabric is Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane.

Is it just me or is she the sweetest thing you've ever seen?

or maybe not..

The gingham was the only thing I had to match the Nicey Jane since I don't have any of the coordinating fabrics from the line yet..
I used vintage mustard-y rickrack.

and I lined it in white batiste.

and one other thing...
No pictures of Ava today. She was having a bad hair/bad double chin day. Poor thing.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010 and an Alligator

Alligator made from this pattern. I got it in 1994 when I worked at Yardage City.

He's made from corduroy and wool felt for the teeth, eyes, nose.

I've made the Giraffe and Zebra (ages ago) and my friend Jenny B made the Hippo.

They are all pretty big and super cute. I made the alligator years and years ago out of crushed green velvet but I must have given him away because I haven't seen him since before we moved here.

In their room.


Wearing her princess gown to the playground.

It was windy

Ava's Easter booty. Shaun the Sheep of course and the Easter bunny threw in a tutu she already owned just in case she got upset that Emily received a princess gown. She didn't care. She threw that tutu out and hasn't let go of the Sheep. She also got a big (as big as a tennis ball) bouncy ball with an eyeball and pink glitter inside it. Books are from the Sacramento Easter Bunny.

Emily's booty. Hello Kitty underwear & socks. And a princess gown. Other little stuff stuffed in the eggs. No chocolate/candy. We all know she doesn't eat sweets.

The egg hunt at Husky Field on Saturday. That turned out to be crappy. We've gone 5 years in a row and never ever had a problem. This year we had retarded parents who let their kids "hunt" for eggs at the wrong time. See, there are 5 area's roped off for different age groups. They sound the whistle and one age group goes at a time so if you have different aged kids you can watch all of them. The 0-2 age group goes first then the 3-5 (I think I have the age groups right) and so on. Well when they sounded the go alarm for the 0-2, the next age group went too which was Emily's age group. She had to run but the eggs were pretty much already taken. She got one egg.

I'm not one to complain about this kind of thing (I'll complain about other things!) because this was free and they didn't have to do it and I appreciate it. really. But this year...
A lot of kids were upset including Emily (crying). We heard other parents were going to the other age groups to let their young ones have another try. We did this with Emily and she got two more. I'm irritated with other parents and with the announcers for not saying more than once that each group will go separately and to not go till you hear them say so. Boo!

They both look like they were beaten with the short bus stick.
I saw to really really good movies this weekend. Avatar (can't stop thinking about this one) and How to Train your Dragon. I never ever thought I would want to see Avatar. Sooo not my kind of movie..or so I thought. It's a love story and a fantasy. I can't wait to own it and watch it to death. Same with the Dragon one. So stinkin cute. I immediately bought some of the stuffed animals from it for Emily's birthday.

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