Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010 and an Alligator

Alligator made from this pattern. I got it in 1994 when I worked at Yardage City.

He's made from corduroy and wool felt for the teeth, eyes, nose.

I've made the Giraffe and Zebra (ages ago) and my friend Jenny B made the Hippo.

They are all pretty big and super cute. I made the alligator years and years ago out of crushed green velvet but I must have given him away because I haven't seen him since before we moved here.

In their room.


Wearing her princess gown to the playground.

It was windy

Ava's Easter booty. Shaun the Sheep of course and the Easter bunny threw in a tutu she already owned just in case she got upset that Emily received a princess gown. She didn't care. She threw that tutu out and hasn't let go of the Sheep. She also got a big (as big as a tennis ball) bouncy ball with an eyeball and pink glitter inside it. Books are from the Sacramento Easter Bunny.

Emily's booty. Hello Kitty underwear & socks. And a princess gown. Other little stuff stuffed in the eggs. No chocolate/candy. We all know she doesn't eat sweets.

The egg hunt at Husky Field on Saturday. That turned out to be crappy. We've gone 5 years in a row and never ever had a problem. This year we had retarded parents who let their kids "hunt" for eggs at the wrong time. See, there are 5 area's roped off for different age groups. They sound the whistle and one age group goes at a time so if you have different aged kids you can watch all of them. The 0-2 age group goes first then the 3-5 (I think I have the age groups right) and so on. Well when they sounded the go alarm for the 0-2, the next age group went too which was Emily's age group. She had to run but the eggs were pretty much already taken. She got one egg.

I'm not one to complain about this kind of thing (I'll complain about other things!) because this was free and they didn't have to do it and I appreciate it. really. But this year...
A lot of kids were upset including Emily (crying). We heard other parents were going to the other age groups to let their young ones have another try. We did this with Emily and she got two more. I'm irritated with other parents and with the announcers for not saying more than once that each group will go separately and to not go till you hear them say so. Boo!

They both look like they were beaten with the short bus stick.
I saw to really really good movies this weekend. Avatar (can't stop thinking about this one) and How to Train your Dragon. I never ever thought I would want to see Avatar. Sooo not my kind of movie..or so I thought. It's a love story and a fantasy. I can't wait to own it and watch it to death. Same with the Dragon one. So stinkin cute. I immediately bought some of the stuffed animals from it for Emily's birthday.


Mary A. said...

The girls were so cute on Saturday. They looked like they made out on Sunday. I think I need to go back and buy that dress for Audrey and Julia.

Loved all the pictures, always do!

Norma's Nonsense said...

I love seeing the pictures of your adorable girls. Having two girls is so much fun! Thats sad about the egg!

Mary H. said...

Nice alligator!
Sorry the Easter Hunt didn't turn out so great, but I'm sure the girls were thrilled to get their baskets full of goodies the morning after. :)

corinnea said...

So, where when is your header photo from?? Love it.

Sorry about the egg hunt. The girls looked like they enjoyed their baskets from the bunny... Emily in her princess dress is great. Jess had one at the same age that she lived in!

Adrienne said...

It's a bummer that the egg hunt was a flop. Good thing that the Easter Bunny was good to them. ^_^

Love the 'gator!

TheBlackForrist said...

you get stuff from the sacramento easter bunny too? Silas got books from him as well! =]

KD Designs said...

Ok, I have so much to comment about! Sorry, this may get long. First, I LOVE the alligator! It is so funny because Ethan was talking about alligators today. He was convinced there was a monster (although he really just wanted me to fix something) and when I said it was a good thing monsters weren't real he started listing "monsters" and included on the list were dinosaurs and alligators! Hahaha!

Next, those girls are so flippin cute!!! I love their baskets! The tutu store - HILARIOUS! Giggled out loud!

I KNEW there was something wrong with the egg hunt!!!!!!!! We do the same thing every year and this year we show up and it was OVER!!! I couldn't believe it! Sam said it went like it normally does but he was WRONG!!! I knew it!!!! Ethan was really sad. So I hid eggs all over the house while he was sleeping. He got up and scurried all over finding eggs. It was so cute!

Ok, that's it. :)

KD Designs said...

Oh that wasn't it! I'm still glad you liked Avatar, and I want to see the dragon one. Now that's it! Haha!

insanely crafty said...

Short Bus stick!! Oh man it shouldn't be so funny but it is.
They are adorable I love all of the pictures! Especially the princess dress!

d-na said...

i have to agree with jessica, i laughed out loud about the short bus "schtick"

and i love the new header! FREEEEDOM!

Jenny Bean said...

First, I remember the hippo that I made and I think that I remember it looked NOTHING like a hippo :) It's a good thing that Cameron liked it even though it was for my sister. The girls are gorgeous as always. My kids did an easter egg hunt here at the house as well as at my mom's they had plastic eggs there with 1 dollar bills in them. One of the eggs had a five in it. Sierra got that one. Personally, I was home sick in bed with the flu. I have looked like I was hit with the short bus stick for the last week so I can relate to the girls.

Jennifer said...

COrinnea: I already told you but I'll say it again: the header is of EMily at about 1.5 years? adn it's either in france or just over he border in Germany. And Deana: your comments about "freedom" made me laugh really hard!
Jenny B: I thought the hippo looked like a hippo! WIsh we had taken a picture.

Jenny Bean said...

Ok, maybe it looked a little like a hippo...BUT...the hippo was definitely hit with that short bus stick of which you wrote.

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