Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ottobre Pintuck Top #4

Ottobre Pintuck top from the 5/2008 issue. You can see #1 and #2 here. I gave Kelly my #3 but never blogged it. I don't even wear the two mentioned above. The black is too thick and the polka dot is too thin. But this one I'm blogging about now? It's just right..
The fabric is a voile/lawn-like fabric from Joann's bought many many months ago (in fact this shirt was made months ago but I'm just now blogging it). I bought as much of it as I could and searched the other joanns in my area but no luck. I got it in a red and white stripe too. If anyone finds more and would ship to me, I would be forever grateful:)

The pattern is pretty easy to follow. The above instructions are all that's given. I like pictures with my instructions but you don't get that with Ottobre magazine. I omitted the back seam and back yoke. I just cut the back on the fold. I didn't do pockets this time.

I have another shirt to blog but we're moving! Moving across the country and Jon is finally coming home after 14 months in Korea. So I may or may not blog again till we get to DC.

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