Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Set of 4

Quotes from Emily and Ava. The above one is her saying to not forget my bra. Genius. It's hurting my brain trying to think of all the funny things that have come out of Emily's mouth. If you remember anything she's said please tell me!

I completely copied angry chicken. But I think she'd be OK with it since she posted it on her blog! And I'm sure I won't be the only one. This idea is just too cool.
of course Ava only says one thing...
Land of Nod does something really similar for their catalog. They have "reviews" from kids on their products. Quotes scattered throughout the catalog. I just looked on their site and couldn't find any. I'm not sure they do it anymore but it was pretty funny.
lots of poop talk in our family..
I made a set of four as a gift for a certain "girlfriend in a coma". Anyone want a set (for free of course)? You might be thinking, "why would I want blank note cards with your kids sayings on them?". If you have to ask then you don't need them! So there. Actually it's not much different than buying a set of cards with famous quotes or inspirational sayings on them. It's not.

I have to send my sister a package so why not include a note? on a card with cute sayings from Emily and Ava? See? I feel I have to explain myself..

our new flip-flops. Mary H., I'll be calling you about a pedicure:)

Monday, April 27, 2009


Simplicity top (#2931) with sleeves from Butterick top (#5217).
Fabric is Mercer Street by Robert Kaufman.
I think I'd like the top better out of different fabric. I'm not used to wearing prints! Emily took these photos (I cropped them). I had her take LOTS because she couldn't hold the camera steady or half of me is cut out. She did pretty good though.This fabric is the same stuff I made Emily a shirt from. Just a different color..

I haven't hemmed it yet and I want to shape the sides a little so it's not so boxy and dumpy looking.
Above is the "muslin" version to see if it fits. The blue painters tape marks the front and other things i need to know. One sleeve is the bad sleeve (the one that came with the pattern, it was too poofy) and the other is the better sleeve. Jenny and Katelyn said they like the green and white shirt better. I think I do too..
I really really want to make this top! It's so cute!
I had to post these photos of two dresses I got Emily. The top one is from H&M and the bottom one is from Zara. Do they have Zara in the states?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nerd Paradise

I did it! I smocked a dress! This was super easy (once I loosened my bobbin tension a tiny bit and figured out what I was doing). It's done with elastic thread in the bobbin and regular thread on the top.

Katelyn and I were having a discussion (I think it was you Katelyn..maybe it was Lizy..) about how it could possibly scrunch up and gather if you're not pulling the elastic while sewing. Well I'll tell you how it works! After you sew the rows, you wet that area and then iron on top of that. It shrinks up the elastic and creates more puckers! It already gathers slightly when sewing because that's just the nature of the elastic, it pulls on it's own. But the ironing is what really does it.

My gathers go at a slight angle so I'll have to fix that for next time.
I did 8 rows of elastic and it's a size 4..sort of..

Fabric is Recess by American Jane for Moda or something like that.

The straps are just natural colored twill tape.

The dress came from this book. Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. The same genius who did the Mermaid line (also the mushrooms, Gnomes, rabbits and race cars lines, etc.) . Book, twill tape, fabric and elastic thread were all purchased from the store.

Lego land Germany. It was Star Wars day.

We're not sure if these are paid workers wearing costumes or just people showing up in costume walking the grounds. They were everywhere! Geek heaven I think is what Jon called it:) We should have put Emily in her Leia costume.

A parade.

An exhibit of Star Wars Lego's.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Wee Butterfly and stuff

Another Wee Wonderful baby. Made from wool felt. Polka dots are Michael Miller. All machine sewn again except for attaching the head and butt to the body and the body to the wings.

Frank admiring my handiwork:)

Petunia? I can't remember what names Corinnea already used and I don't want to duplicate:) I call the girls Petunia so that's what came to mind. Loly? Just read a book with the name Loly in it.

Meet Annabel Christine. Heidi and Chris's new baby. Sister to Sienna. So sweet and soooo tiny!Heidi and Adrienne were due at the same time I think.

*colorized action by from pioneer woman
Just random photos of Ava. I got a new camera that I can carry in my purse at all times so there is going to be lots more photos of the girls:)

Cookies I made the other day. These things are addictive! They are cake-like with a very dark chocolate/bittersweet taste. And they look nothing like the ones on the box!

We went to Lego land yesterday (it was Star Wars Day) so I'll post about that soon and I'm soooo excited! I made something that I didn't think I could do but I can!! I can!! And you can too! You'll see..

Mushrooms, babies, fests and allergies!

A mushroom for Katelyn. She turned 20 I think. One of the most mature 20 year old (olds?sp?) I know. I LOVE working with you Katelyn:)The mushroom pattern is from here (it's free). It was SO easy. Made from 100% wool felt.

I believe that if I show a craft I've completed or started that I have the right to bore you with pictures from my life:)

Emily's on-going battle with allergies. Does everyone agree she looks like she's been smoking crack and this is what it did to her skin? You have to see it in person. Breakouts, rashes, dry scaly skin, puffy eyes with dark circles, runny nose. All signs of crack usage. She just needs a missing tooth and she's all set:)

Emily walking Mary H's dog.

*pioneer woman's Seventies action used

the coolest ride ever! Not really but the scenery while on the ride is nice:)

Beer tents are not fun with 15 month old babies. Emily LOVED the rides. She went on several this year and no crying!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I spy..

An I spy bag. I made this using a kit from here. The kit was only the pellets, clear plastic, charms, and "answer Key". The owl design is just like the pillows I made a long time ago which are made from looking at an owl pillow on Etsy.

I put a clip on the side so I can clip it to the stroller or..something. Clips are always good:)
More photos from Easter. These are from the actual day. The girls baskets and and egg hunt with our friends, the Bakers.

Of course Emily shows crack in every shot! She doesn't mean to, it just happens.

Ava was " sweat'n " (sp?) Kaylee in this photo above. She was standing over her trying to bully Kaylee in to giving her the cup and straw. It was too funny!

The Easter bunny makes a house call. He rang the door bell and ran. The video is in 3 parts but I only uploaded the middle. SO you don't get to see all the cuteness:)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wee Turtle and Egg Hunt

I finally made a turtle from the Wee Wonderful pattern! Corinnea has inspired me to make them all. Her butterfly friend will be finished in a day or two and the snail will follow.

She's made from wool felt and cotton. I completely (except for hand sewing the head to the body) machine sewed her. I HATE hand sewing. This pattern states on it that "Hand Sewing is Fun!" No it's not. The hand sewn ones may look better but I don't care! Hand sewing hurts my brain:)

If I had to hand sew her I would not have enjoyed making her and maybe would have given up.

Yesterday at Husky Field "hunting" eggs. Emily's eye was still puffed up but she had a really good time. I had to make Ava pick up the eggs and then she only wanted the two she found and no more.

We went to the Fruhling Fest in Bad Cannstatt (for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about)afterwards. I'll post those pictures tomorrow or the next day.
It was Africa Hot!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Swing set top and dinosaurs

Swing Set top from Oliver +S, fabric by Heather Bailey (chevron stripe). This is my 5Th Swing Set top! I think I love this pattern more than any other pattern..well I love the pajama one too by them. They are just so much better than Butterick or McCall's-type patterns. The construction is more like you'd see in a garment you purchased.
Here's Emily modeling it. I used the Seventies action by Pioneer Woman on them. I love how it makes photos look!

And Ava..who doesn't love a picture of Ava? Those legs are obscene! Like a train wreck. I can't look away. She is soooo yummy and so stink'n cute!

Here is the Wallies I had special ordered at work (the dinosaurs). There are 8 total I think but we only stuck two up for now. She wanted them right above her bed. On the way home from running errands today, Emily rubbed her hand on the stroller tire while it was moving and then stuck her fingers in her eyes and rubbed. Almost instantly they started to puff up. When we got inside they were really bad so I tackled her and dripped water in them (only way to rinse a 3 year old eyes!). She screamed and cried so bad! This photo is after she calmed down a little. Her eyes are puffy from the dirt not the crying. I cannot believe how bad her eyes got after this photo. One almost sealed shut. Scared me bad. But they are better now.
Poor baby:)

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