Monday, September 8, 2014

Sally Dress or 90's baby doll dress

The Sally Dress.
Pattern by Very Shannon, Fabric from etsy.
The fabric is a rayon challis and like butta. 
I made this for Emily after finding a really super cute one from H&M that is black with kitty heads all over it and it instantly reminded me of my youth. When working at Yardage City starting in '92, I sewed so many of these for myself.  I had one with sunflowers all over it, paint splatter, hats, etc. I LOVED them. I would wear them with Docs or tights and flats. So when I saw this one at H&M I had to get it and make her some more! The Sally pattern was the closest pattern I could find without going to Joanns and looking at the pattern books.
*it's about 90 degrees out and i made her put the sweater, tights and boots on to model this. Is that mean?
The modifications I made are this:
I omitted the huge pockets on the sides and added in-seam pockets.
I added a key-hole opening in the back only because the H&M one had it.
I didn't line it or use facing but instead used bias tape made from the same fabric.
Emily is 9 and has a chest of about 23" so I made a 5t. I probably should have made one size bigger but I didn't want it so huge the neck was gaping or it looked messy. 
I also shortened the sleeves quite a bit. Those things were big and boxy! Like a guys t-shirt sleeve.
I think that's all I modified...

Isn't this fabric the cutest???? Why can't I ever find rayon like this? I had to get it from a seller in Hong Kong.   I bought this many many months ago and just finally got to it but Target has a whole line of clothing for women made from the print!  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Tucker and Tate knock-off

The green top is from the brand Tucker and Tate. The blue floral is my knock-off version.
Both the blue floral and the red and white stripe on the one I made are from Joann's and the blue is like a voile. I copied the shirt by laying it down and tracing and adding seam allowance. The neck doesn't lay as flat as I'd like but I don't know how to fix that. I guess I shouldn't have dropped out of fashion design...
I already made another one out of Anna Maria Horner Voile and while the fabrics I used are GORGEOUS the fabric sewed up much different than this voile (that I'm not sure is a voile or a lawn or just a really thin cotton). The neck is wonky because the AMH voile is so soft and thin. I'll blog that soon.
I am really wanting to copy a bunch of the girls ready made clothes because I'm just not seeing many kids patterns out there that I want to make.  

I love the back.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Prefontaine Shorts

the Prefontaine Short (pattern from here)! Only the cutest shorts ever! These were made specifically for lounging and for pajama wearing. I made them both out of heather Ross fabrics; one is from adult pj pants and the other (the strawberries) are from the Briar Rose line. Both fabrics are sooo soft and beautiful in person. Both are a SIZE 5 and I used store bought dbl fold bias tape.

I modified the waist band by folding it down 1/4" then again 1.75". I used 1.5" wide elastic and then sewed the elastic to the shorts over the folded down fabric (see a few photos down). It makes the rise shorter which is what I was going for. Kind of makes the pockets useless or super tiny but these are pj shorts anyway. As for the pattern could have been better. They lacked enough photos; I am a visual person. I am a very experienced sewer and these made me think too much. I had to draw pictures on the sides of the instructions just so the next time I made them I'd know exactly what to do (I also had never constructed anything the way these are constructed). I wish she had asked me to test them because I would have been very vocal about the lack of pictures to walk you through. Otherwise I LOVE these shorts and will be making more. I might make myself the adult ones!
*I used gold elastic from Joanns on Ava's (see below). This elastic is wider than Emily's so I probably turned the fabric over 2" rather than 1.75". I also (as you can see above) had trouble with my row spacing on both!).

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cute wrapping and Cute Vinyl decals

 Emily turned 9 a month and a half ago ! NINE! WOW. Anyway, I had fun wrapping her gifts. The animal inspiration is from here and the giant E's were made on my silhouette using cardstock.

 Also about 2 months ago I had been seeing this "no triceratops riding" sign all over the place and wanted one. But from what I saw it's an actual sign somewhere? Not sure but I couldn't buy it. Sooooo I made it!! I am SO proud of myself. really. I searched and spent a lot of time making this. The triceratops, red part and person are all just screen captures from the web and in the Silhouette software I made made them all come together:) I looked for blank white plastic to use for the sign part but I couldn't find it and didn't really know how to word it when looking online. Then I was helping my sister-in-law clean her back yard and in some drawers that had been exposed to the elements were these white plastic pieces that were exactly what I was looking for! They are exactly like a thin for sale sign or yard sale sign. After cutting the size I wanted, I used a corner rounder punch and a hole punch for the top and bottom.  I made one for her backyard and for the girls room and one for my nephew's room. 
 Below is a decal I made for my sister-in-laws toilet. The design is from the web and made on my Silhouette.
And one more decal for my sister-in-law. The "rub me on your butt" image is from here. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Animal Jars

*NEVER forget your boobie jar**
Ever. Please. 

Plastic animals super glued to lids then spray painted. If you type in animal jars on pinterest you can see all my inspiration! These were made for my sister-in-law, Jessica. I have some in the works for me too. These plaint colors are not primary as the photos would suggest but rather a vintage orange, green, blue and yellow. I don't know why these came out looking primary!
Curtains for my niece. Fabric from Ikea. She came to me with the fabric and asked for this. Crabs and stripes. 

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