Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tova Top: Plaid Lawn

My 2nd Tova Top from Wiksten  (you can see the 1st here) . The fabric is a sheer Marc Jacobs cotton voile from Mood. The size is a large with no alterations to the size (I'm 5'7 with a 36D chest) I only shortened the sleeves . I underlined it in an also sheer white batiste (scroll down to see the garment from the inside). I love this top. love it! I wasn't so sure about the 1st one I made but I really like it now and wear it often. 

I did the front yoke (?) on the bias and underlined it in the same plaid on the bias.  That was a tough decision and I had to google it but didn't have much luck finding advice on that topic (underlining or even just lining something on the bias and whether the lining should also be on the bias..or not). I did them both bias and love it. It worked great and has been washed several times and the yoke has not gone wonky or stretched out. I used that quilting basting spray stuff to keep my underlined fabric stuck to my outside fabric so it wouldn't shift while sewing.

The top inside out. 
The majority of the top is underlined in batiste. The sleeves are not lined at all and the yoke is underlined in the same plaid.

Below is an embroidery I did ages ago. It's a combination of a black apple drawing and an embroidery pattern (the frame/vines) from Sadie & Oliver on Etsy.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Plaid Alice Top --Tessuti

I made this top months ago when we were still living in San Diego but never blogged it. I have several things to blog....
Fabric: light weight seersucker plaid from Beverly's fabric about 2011
Size: Small (I'm not normally a small. Usually a medium or large but this runs huge)
I lined the yoke in  Anna Maria solid voile and NO interfacing
For the sleeves I lined it in the same plaid and used NO interfacing. I added a piece to the armhole to close the arm hole up a bit. I cannot stand my skin touching skin in that area when I sweat so I had to add it! You can see it better 2 pictures down. Lastly, I did a 3" hem.

I had to add this one because I look I'm pregnant and my back aches.

I love this top! I think it would look  cute in so many different fabrics. If you google Alice top Tessuti and click on images, you will see so many cute versions!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ottobre Pintuck Top #4

Ottobre Pintuck top from the 5/2008 issue. You can see #1 and #2 here. I gave Kelly my #3 but never blogged it. I don't even wear the two mentioned above. The black is too thick and the polka dot is too thin. But this one I'm blogging about now? It's just right..
The fabric is a voile/lawn-like fabric from Joann's bought many many months ago (in fact this shirt was made months ago but I'm just now blogging it). I bought as much of it as I could and searched the other joanns in my area but no luck. I got it in a red and white stripe too. If anyone finds more and would ship to me, I would be forever grateful:)

The pattern is pretty easy to follow. The above instructions are all that's given. I like pictures with my instructions but you don't get that with Ottobre magazine. I omitted the back seam and back yoke. I just cut the back on the fold. I didn't do pockets this time.

I have another shirt to blog but we're moving! Moving across the country and Jon is finally coming home after 14 months in Korea. So I may or may not blog again till we get to DC.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I am currently de stashing some fabric and crafts on Instagram. If anyone is interested, my Instagram destash name is @parrish_destash  . I am listing lots and lots of vinyl/coated cotton from when I made bibs and art smocks.  Also misc quilting cottons and more.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

7 Hudson (Sweat) Pants

There are only 6 pictured but I made 7 ! Two yellow, two pink, two blue and one pirate. Four of them were for other kids. I have a lot of fabric to get rid of so I used up all this Oliver + S polka dot knit ( I was able to squeeze out one short pair and one long pair from each polka dot fabric). 

The pirate one is from a friend in Germany. She gave me a half yard which after receiving it I thought, what the hell am I going to do with 1/2 yard of this fabric?? Well probably a year later I found something! This pair is for my friend Kristine's son Hans. All of these are size 5 with no changes to the pattern--only the amount of elastic used in the waist.
As you can see, the shorter ones on Emily are too short. They really should start below her knees. And the long ones could be longer but the fit around waist and thighs is perfect (like I said, all of these are size 5). Emily is 9 (25" hip, 52.5" tall) and Ava is 7 (25" hip and 45" tall) for reference.  
for this blue pair above I didn't have enough for the pockets so I used a totally different knit. It's more stretchy and thinner but it worked.
I enjoyed making all of these and they went fast. Soooo easy. The pattern was written well and I can't think of any problems I had...

I did it all on the serger (it took me 20 years or so to realize you can do knits on the serger easily!)Except the waist band channels; those were done on the sewing machine.
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