Thursday, July 17, 2014

Table trough for crafty stuff

I think all my posts start with, "have you seen this ________? I've been wanting to make one".
Same with this post. I saw this recessed trough thingy for drinks in a table on pinterest. A "drink chiller" (I saw one for succulents too and want to do that one at my sister-in-laws!). So I saw the drink chiller one and wanted to make it:) Now I have! I love when I can check things off my pinterest list. 
I bought a 14.75" x 7.75" plastic planter box from Home Depot for $4.98 with a lip on it.
I used a spade bit (I think that's what it's called)
a drill and a jigsaw
my table is 3feet x 4feet.

after finding the center of the table, I flipped the planter upside down and traced the outer edge (my planter is bigger at the top than the bottom so I didn't want to trace the bottom) After tracing I went back and drew a line all the way around the inside of the first line, coming in 1/4". This is so the outer edge (the lip of the planter) will rest on the table and not fall through.
I then drilled with the drill bit above, a hole through each corner so I can get my jig saw started and get to each corner (see 2 pictures up). After drilling I then cut with my jig saw all the way around it (starting in one corner hole) making sure to cut on the inner line.
After cutting I just dropped the planter in and it was done!
Below is the underside of my rickety table that Ava drew on (she drew on the top and the bottom). This table is old and will be thrown out when Ava stops coloring on it so I didn't mind cutting a hole in the center.
You can put utensils in it, condiments, napkins, chips, anything! We're going to put craft supplies that get used the most.
I wanted to show how much room there is for knees. I don't hit it either when I sit at the table. 
And above is my dinner. Just showing there is lots of room on the table still.
*Thanks Dad for your input on this! I never would have thought to use the spade bit and drill holes first.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Teacher Gift: Make your own banner

Have you seen these make your own banner kits? They are so cool! I thought they were only available in Australia so I started to make my own. Then I thought, these would make AWESOME teacher gifts! You can have them say ANYTHING and they can easily changed because it's held together with brads. SO I started planning and noticed this was going to add up price-wise. I looked some more on online and's not so hard to buy online. Duh. I just never searched for another brand. I have bought but not received yet, this brand from amazon and will give this to Emily and Ava's teacher as an end-of-the-year gift. I will still make my own because I can make it in the colors I want and size I want. The "I like big books..." banner is only about 2" tall where-as the others are about 5" tall. 

Meow is the Time was made for my niece Bird. Above is my girls room but it doesn't live there anymore.

I gave the Stay Gold one to Jessica (my sister-in-law) because after I made it she reminded me her boyfriend has that tattooed on his knuckles! Duh! I loved loved loved The Outsiders book when I was younger and "Stay Gold, Pony Boy" is a very well known line from the book/movie.

The above one is for my friend Jenny B in Japan. She's a teacher over there and I thought this would be awesome in her classroom. She LOVES to read and of course can appreciate that this is a play on the song by Sir Mix-a-lot called I LIKE BIG BUTTS. Thank you whoever thought up the above saying (got that on pinterest).
Below I have made available to you the alphabet pre tabbed! I've never done this before so I have no idea how it will print out but if you have a Silhouette machine you can save these pictures below to your computer, then open in the Silhouette software and trace. If you don't have a cutting machine you should still be able to save to your computer, print, resize, trace, cutout and admire. let me know how it goes if you do use them.

I have included a blank bar below for spacing if you don't want to use a symbol in between words.
I do plan on making numbers and punctuation but I figured I had better post this now or it's never going to happen.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sporty Spice Union St.Tee

Adrianna, who is one half of Crafterhours (and the one behind Hey June patterns) asked me and some other ladies if we'd like to try her newest pattern and do a little blog tour and of course I said yes! Because I LOVE v-necks. I have found they are the most flattering on me (and have bought about 50 navy and black ones from JCrew--stick with what you like, right?). I also said yes because I love Adrianna. I do. She's soooo cool and sooo funny and I love everything she does and her patterns and her writing style and JUST EVERYTHING. 

Ok, enough about her:) Now on to the shirt! 
The grey fabric is from Girl Charlee (Black Heather Solid Cotton Jersey Tri Blend Knit Fabric) and the stripes on the sleeves are a solid black jersey, 1/2" wide. The black iron on transfer was cut with my silhouette and the black neck band is cut from a Target tshirt. I interfaced that with iron-on knit stuff to keep it stable because it kept rolling up on me. pattern modifications are: I made the short sleeves about 1" shorter than the pattern and did not hem it (because I forgot but hope to do that one day). I sewed a large because of bust measurements. I'm 5'7" if that helps, have wide hips....and just thought I'd need a large. 

I put a small 17 on the chest and arm along with the large one on the back with my last name and they were all SOOOOO hard to photograph. I had my Dad take these photos and we had to really walk around the yard trying to find the right light and angle. Thanks Dad!! **I chose 17 for no reason except I love the #7 and Emily's favorite # is 17.
This pattern walks you through making a v-neck which is so cool. I had made v-necks before when I went through a scrub making phase about 15 years ago but the instructions sucked. These don't. Look at my V!! Almost perfect! It's actually my shoddy top-stitching that makes it look off but trust me, that V is good. Thanks Adrianna for awesome instructions:)
Below it shows that I could have made a smaller shirt but I'm glad I didn't. This thin knit is not super stretchy and I think with this particular fabric it wouldn't have looked good fitted. Maybe it would have but I didn't want to test it smaller.
See that Hey June button below? Don't try and click on it.
Thanks again Adrianna!

Alsooooooo, my super creative and dear-to-my-heart friends Corinnea and Jessica (mother and daughter) of Created Blissfully are showing off their Union St. Tee(s) today too! Go over there and check them/it out! I worked with Corinnea in Germany for a VERY long time. I can vouch for her sewing abilities.  Jessica is not so bad either:) Jessica is crazy talented like her mom and I love seeing her crafty stuff like this and this.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lego Mini Figure Shadow Box

A Lego mini figure shadowbox for me and Jon the girls. I found several on etsy and just copied what they did. I used this huge shadow box from pottery barn kids that I'd for years, cut out thick poster-type board for the insert/background, bought MANY bricks from the Lego store for the figures to stand on and painstakingly made a grid/template from pattern paper so I could line up the bricks somewhat evenly. I then super glued the bricks to the background, then snapped the mini figures to the bricks. I made one for my sister-in-law but smaller. Her shadowbox I got from Michaels. I think these bricks are 2x4's? Two nubbies across by 4 nubbies across? I don't know...

Pretzel girl is my favorite of course.
And here is the shadowbox from the top. It's open and you just drop the whole thing in it as opposed to opening the back. Remember if buying a shadow box for this, to buy one that is deep enough. I had some 12x12 scrapbooking ones that were not thick/deep enough to accommodate the figures and their accessories. I chose the white bricks and white background so the figures would be the star of the show not anything else. On etsy I found some with super colorful bricks but didn't really like that; too much going on.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hello Embroidered Screen Door

This is my sister-in-laws front screen door. I wanted to do this when she wasn't home but she has a roommate and teenage daughter and I don't have a I did it WITH her:) It's a good thing too because it would have taken forever by myself. You need another person on the other side to pass the needle too. I got the idea from these two pictures (one, two) but I didn't look at them before doing it and it had been a while since I saw them...I couldn't remember how thick the letters this doesn't look as good. But I still really like it. I used a teal yarn by the way. Not sure that comes through in the photos.

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