Monday, February 25, 2013

Monsterz Quilt

It is the big version of this one that I posted about. I had that one left over block so I made that mini.
I did all the quilting! It says "Happy Happy" "Joy Joy" on every other block. These photos aren't that great but they were taken back in July and now it's snowing so these are probably better than what I'd get now:)

 I love stripy binding!! And below are pictures of the print up close so you can see how cute it is.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Doll house redo and felt star garland

 Just random things I forgot to blog but are crafty.
Wool Felt Star banner. 
I saw this on createdblissfully last May and loved it. But no hand sewing for me.  It's been hanging for some time now and never blogged. I guess because it's just two pictures and that's not very exciting.

This too has been done a while ago. I know I say that about everything. Almost everything. Some things I blog right away and others sit...anyway, if you remember, I got the girls this barbie house in the states at a garage sale. I love it and I don't have a problem with how big it is but I do have a problem with how the furniture doesn't fit! You can see in the picture (here) that the furniture technically fits but they have no where to move around and the bathroom had to be two rooms because the vanity and tub and toilet don't all fit in one room. Had I known this I wouldn't have bought it and shipped it back! They rarely played with it. So I cleared out the bookshelf in the playroom, "wall papered it" and "carpeted it". I do have to say for the record that I know it's a crap job and I totally plan on changing it and making it much better when we move back to the States and have access to more stuff. But for right now it's ok and they play with it. I was thinking I might print out wall paper from that Heather Ross book . Wouldn't that be cute?? 
I used my Silhouette Cameo to make faux rugs. This is vinyl in three colors (above) and one for the living room carpet. I used thick spongy shelf liner for the "wall-to-wall carpet" and the vinyl stuck perfectly to it. I used some scrap booking frames to make frames for the walls and had the girls color in pictures.
For the bedroom I cut up the back of an Emily Strange calendar. They look like album covers don't they??

And lastly, zippers. I bought a bundle of zippers from etsy of various sizes but all above 16" and although they are cheap, I don't always need 16". I usually end up cutting them to a smaller size. But I feel horrible throwing out the left overs which can be quite a lot (see below) because usually it's colors I can use again so I found a bunch of zippers for 1 euro and took off the heads. I then threaded them on the left over zippers. Now i have some zippers with different color heads but I like it. And no I did not have success with every zipper I tried this on. Some I could not get the zipper head back on like this pink one. I have no idea why.
I love these girls so much. I want to squeeze them and hug them all the time. I love when Ava gets in my bed in the mornings. She is such a cuddler and doesn't mind if I breathe on her. BUT she is the devil and we've been having a really really hard time at night putting her to bed. She just won't sleep. She does the usual of getting up to get a drink, tell me something, etc. So after too many nights of screaming at each other and me giving it a lot of thought of what will work for us, for her  (Emily doesn't need incentive to get in bed and be good. She just is) I came up with a plan. After I told her it was night night  and the crying started, I took her into the kitchen and filled a tiny bowl with 5 M&M's (nema-nums). I told her that if she went to bed with no more crying, no getting up , no playing, no talking, etc. she would get the 5 M&M's in the morning with her breakfast. But every time she did something she wasn't supposed to I would put one M&M back.   I drilled her over and over while getting her ready for bed saying what happens if you come down and talk to me? what happens if you play? and What happens if you're good? And so on. She answered correctly and seemed to understand. She went to bed last night with NO problems. NONE. Holy cow it worked! For months years even we have had problems with her. Not always super bad and not always making me want to pull my hair out (sometimes she only comes down stairs once). But last night not one peep from her. This morning she woke up in a good mood (presumably because she actually got a lot of sleep!) and asked if I remembered about her M&M's. The reason I bribed her with M&M's is because they are her favorite. She LOVES plain M&M's. But I am stingy with them and she only gets 3 maybe every other night after dinner or she is particularly good. They are special to her. Cross your fingers this can continue to work for us. Jon thinks I'm going to have a heart attack from our screaming matches so this had to work...or I will find something else to bribe her with. A pony?

Sooo over my photo taking.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Foam-Mounted Standout

A new addition to the bathroom. One of my favorite instagram photos on an "Gallery Standout". It's a 10x10. The edges were supposed to be white but I guess I clicked black by mistake. The spot I hung it is not really the best spot for it (the proportions are all wrong) but it'll do for now. The reason I went with this foam core Standout from mpix's foam core so super lightweight!! I can hang it on tile with a command hanger and not worry the weight will make it fall off.
Lets say I was to have a giveaway in the near there anything in particular you would want to win? Don't say a quilt! 
Anything I've made over the last 5 years you'd like to own? 
Or anything on pinterest you think I can recreate and you'd like to own?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Panda Sleeves

I saw this shirt on grosgrain but is sold on etsy here. Isn't it adorable ? And so easy to do. It's an Old Navy puff sleeve tee, flocked heat transfer, my Silhouette machine (eyes, nose) and an old black t-shirt scrap for the ears. Ava has a thing for Pandas right now. 
I was going to open up the sleeve at the top and insert the ears but decided to just sew them right on the seam.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Emily's Valentines

Emily's bookmark Valentines all made on the Silhouette Cameo. The mustache one is for her teacher. The Old monster tissue box is for the ones she'll get from her classmates. The tissue box came that way and I have been saving it for probably 6 months now just so she can out her valentines in it. We made add some teeth tonight if we have time. 
Emily loves to read just like her mama (and Jon used to read a lot early in our relationship. I feel like he tricked me with that one..). We got her How to Train your Dragon books and Harry Potter and she just wasn't getting excited about them and when I would ask about the books she could never answer me. SO for Christmas we got her the Ivy and Bean series. Holy cow she read 4 of them in just a couple of days and wouldn't stop talking about them and wanted to read funny parts to me! Then it dawned on me that I had been giving her NOT age appropriate books to read. Harry Potter had too many big words and was hard for her to understand and she wanted so bad to impress us with her reading that she was trying and trying to read them. Oops. I have learned my lesson. Now she gets age appropriate. Like Diary of a Wimpy kid. She LOVES that one. I don't really love when she wants to read the "funny" parts to me but i let her. I smile and say what I'm supposed to but they just aren't funny!
I have been battling a nasty cold/sore throat and at the same time Ava was out of school 2 days for  Fasching. Glad she was out of school because it meant I didn't have to take her to school or pick her up but not happy because I couldn't get any naps in. I tried but she kept talking to me! Go away and please leave me alone worked for about 5 minutes then she'd come back. Poor thing (me). So I had seen on Pinterest someone put snow in the bathtub. DUH. Pinterest is awesome but at times I feel retarded. Why didn't I think of this?  I have brought in their water table so they can play with water and boats during the winter but I never ever thought of snow. I still love you Pinterest but you make me feel stupid sometimes:)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Double Gauze Kitty Top

 A ruffle sleeve top made from Double Gauze by Kokka, bought in Japan (although I have seen it on!) and the pattern is 2193 Simplicity. The lining for the top part are out of batiste and no interfacing was used. I love love love this fabric. Except I hate that it's an off white color which I never thought about till putting it on over a white shirt. It'll be nice in the summer with out anything under it.
 I didn't have any small black buttons with shanks so I had to use the other kind. I can't wait to be closer to a fabric store. One place we're looking at to move (but don't really have a say in it; just thinking about places) has a Joann's and Ikea almost 2 hours away. BOO!!  

**click on the photos to see them bigger**
New Faux Taxidermy from DaWanda. I LOVE these so much. They have been on my wish list Forever and I finally broke down and got them. They are hanging in our hallway between bedrooms. Jon just read recently that these faux bust thingies are out of style or going out of style. Whatever! 
Ava and Emily on a basket-type swing that you see in Germany a lot. 
A new Washi Tape Dispenser from etsy
And finally, Ava cut her thumb at school. The tip finally came off and it is finally healed. 
One last thing.
I was reading about Etsy and wanted to know how it got it's name. This is what I found:
 (the guy who started the site) named the site Etsy because he "wanted a nonsense word because I wanted to build the brand from scratch. I was watching Fellini's 8 ½ and writing down what I was hearing. In Italian, you say 'etsi' a lot. It means 'oh, yes.' And in Latin, it means 'and if.
Pretty cool, no?
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