Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Corinnea is da bomb!! he he he...she made Ava another hat..but not this one. This one (pink/brown) I took home to see if it fits. It's too small so Corinnea made her a (to die for) purple and brown one which I have and will take a photo of Ava in-when she wakes up from her nap. I wanted to get this up and posted for Corinnea's sister to see a chubby baby in a hat. The other picture is of Emily wearing her hat while eating nu-no's. These hats are SO gorgeous you have to see them in person. Thank you Corinnea!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Owls and flea markets

I made an owl today. He's inspired and looks a lot like one I saw on etsy. He's about 14" tall, made from brown fine wale corduroy, eyes, nose and feet from wool felt and the stripes are Heather Ross. I think he looks very 70's. Like he should be riding in a VW bus or sitting on a avocado green couch in a wood paneled living room. *The other pillows are Room Seven.

Saturday I took part in the flea market held in the Patch gym. I came with lots of stuff to sell (baby stuff, maternity clothing and fabric) and came home with most of it.
I also come home with:
one baby Einstein excorsaucer for $5.00
one very large barbie airplane for $4.00
two big roaring dinosaurs for $4.00
two very nice car seats for $20
one rescue vehicle for $3.00
one rescue motorcycle for $2.00
two rescue hero men for $1.50
three puzzles for $2.50
I could barely fit it all in my car! I did sell some stuff and actually came home with more money than I left with. All the stuff I bought was from a seller right across from me. They had SO many toys I couldn't look away. I called the mom over several times and asked her to show me this or that because I couldn't leave my stall. One of the car seats was missing the 5 point harness and the mom said she'd bring it in to work on Tuesday. I really hope she does because I'm stupid and didn't get her name. I just trusted.

Friday, August 22, 2008

the cutest top ever!

This really is the cutest top ever (oliver + S). It's just adorable on Emily and I'll get a picture of her in it when it's done hanging in the store. The patchwork fabric is a Japanese import I found at repodepot a couple of years ago. I've been hording it because it was I think $15/yd give or take a few dollars. This pattern only used half a yard so I still have some left! The green polka dot is a Anna Griffin or something like that. I can't stop looking at it....I'm all starry-eyed...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


my new story board action from Itty Bitty actions. I used 2 different color actions to recolor it.
I just can't leave a photo alone...
I love photo shop! Have I said this before? Little known fact about me?

Sophia Carry All

If I was prone to dramatics (I'm not!) I would have fell out of my seat when I saw this bag! It's made by this person (click on the link and see the different views) and I'm so grateful that she made it before me and worked out the kinks! Plus she put these two fabrics together and I'm in love. In love I tell you! I want to make one for Ava and one for Emily. I found the exact fabric (below and it's on order!) for the main bag and might use something different for the straps--we'll see. I will use a different fabric for the other bag.
**I'm not sure what the etiquette is for copying and pasting a photo from another blogger. I did and do try to link back to that person. Does anyone know? Not a guess, but KNOW?
Here's another cool bag (not the Sophia bag but close enough). I have this print and several other Japanese fairytale prints that I might make one out of...big dreams, I know! I haven't even made one yet but I did make the weekender bag 3 times and it's similar...

And these are soooo cool too! I want this particular Matroyshka fabric baaad!

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Blog

New blog to read/check every day! Corinnea's daughter has started a blog! She is SO crafty and interesting, I can't wait to see what she'll be doing. Welcome to the blog world Jessica!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Memory Clock

A memory clock on display at the store made with photos of Emily from 1 month to 12months. I should have taken the photo without the plastic cover because of the glare but I was just too exhausted after a long day at work to pry off the cover. I finished it at work between customers and with the help of Mary, Kelly and I think even Katelyn put her 2 cents in:)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

finished quilt

The Turning Twenty quilt is completely done! I finally finished the binding and it's now hanging in the store for inspiration. The quilt is a twin, it's out of this fabric, Leah did the quilting and the pattern is Turning Twenty but I'm not sure which one.

Monday, August 11, 2008


every time I put Ava on the changing table without a shirt I think she looks so cute and I have to take a picture. The poofy dress is for Corinnea! We were just talking about dresses like this and hideous homemade dresses that look homemade (this particular dress is not homemade). I have a photo of Emily in this one too.

Friday, August 8, 2008

For Madison

shhhh, don't tell Madison! This is for her birthday tomorrow along with a metal "M" like this one. Don't tell Sierra but she's getting the same thing in November for her birthday except the wall letter will be an "S" and the fairy will be different. Fairy stitchette is from Wee Wonderful of course.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kids say the funniest things

I don't have any photos to go with the things that Emily has said to me (all that writing below) so I posted pictures of quilts I found on FLICKR that are sooooo cute. But here's what Emily said and I already told some of you this story. I'm telling it again because she just said something so funny I had to share both.

A couple of weeks ago we were at the Mannheim PX. It was just me, Jon, Emily (and Ava) and a lady standing next to me looking at something in the baby section. Emily walked in front of me and the lady and she didn't smell good! I asked her if she pooped and she said NO! So I felt her butt and said yes you did, you have a rabbit tail!! So she said, it's not a rabbit tail it's poop!........and it's growing! She said the last part with a big smile.

The other thing she said was just a few minutes ago. I (once again) smelled poop and said who's pooping?? like Ava could answer..but I had to ask anyway.. So Emily says he he he, it's me mommy (big smile on her face) and I've got H-I-K-K-L-M-N-O-P! Where did she get that from? Was it coincidence? She is too funny!

So now that you've read the above stuff I'll reward you with some pictures but not of my children:)

the above quilts were made by this person on flickr
the numbers quilt is done by this person. It's made out of an Ikea duvet cover!! Never would have thought of that! Especially to quilt it the way she did. and the mermaid one is by the same person as the 1st 3 quilts. I feel very very inspired!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

photo shop

I spent hours on the computer yesterday playing around with different photos. This one of Ava is my new favorite so I tried different colors and textures on it just to practice. I LOVE the 1st one in the frame and the 2ND large one. The 1st one is done with an action called Baby Blanket and then a vintage frame. The second large one is done with a vintage action, then an action to replicate a lomo camera with a vignette and then I put some texture on it. I really like the old photo look with scratches, etc.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's genetic

No, this is not Ava you're looking at. It's my sister Julia! Don't they look alike? Emily really looks like my sister too. Someday I'll have to post side by side pictures of them when my sister was younger. Weird how they look so much like her but not like me. Maybe I'll post baby pictures me and Jon so we can see who looks like who.
*that's my mom holding her

Friday, August 1, 2008

It's here!

The Heather Ross Mermaid (Mendocino) fabric is here! Well, one piece of it so far.
I love it, love it, love it! The dress is too big for Emily. That girl is small! I'm betting Ava will fit into it before Emily:)
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