Friday, January 30, 2009

PB&J with a side of Milk

I love felt food! It's fun to make (yes, I'm a dork) easy, and homemade. I really like that I don't have to be perfect. The seams can be wonky or the hand sewing can look a little messy. It's play food! *I do like to cut all my threads off and i didn't in these photos:) I didn't have my tiny thread clipping scissors near me.
This pattern is from buggabugs on etsy and we're thinking (Corinnea, Kelly and me) this will make a good adult beginning sewing class. Probably offered in May/June.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

doll cloth diapers

I made some cloth diapers for dolls from this tutorial. I made them for a friends little girl (another Emily) she loves dolls!
They are soooo easy! A perfect beginner project. And the pattern is free! I used white flannel and I think I might edge a few in rick rack next batch I make which will be for my Emily since she's trying to claim these!

Monday, January 26, 2009


I made this scarf today out of brown double sided minky. The pattern is simplicity 4354 (it's old so not sure you can find it anywhere). It is supposed to be a kitty but I used "bear" eyes on accident. The arms split in the front so the scarf can slide through.
Double sided minky is sooooooooooooo soft. It's heaven against the skin. Emily loves when I sew for her. She now sees things on the computer and tells me I can make it for her!

And look at those thighs!!! Holy cow she is adorable! Super size the photo:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

yuk yuks

We've all had the yuk yuks (what Emily calls throwing up) this past week. oh what a long horrible week it has been!! All 4 of us sick. 4 people at one time in one house. Can you tell this is my 1st time experiencing this? It started Friday morning (the 16Th) and is still not over..
I'm showing you the above picture because that was how I spent Saturday and Sunday (and again on Tuesday). Ava would not sleep anywhere but on me or Jon and she had a fever so she was very hot! We ended up taking her to the E.R. for the fever but we were told it's just a virus , come back if she gets worse. They did take some blood from her finger, afterwards putting a band aid on it. I looked away then looked back to sounds of choking. Ava had eaten the band aid! I should have known...
if I don't separate my paragraphs with the asterisk, they will run together. For some reason I can't get them to separate by making a space..anyone?
Jon went back to work Tuesday. He's the only one who has fully recovered except for a cough. We thought Ava was 1st to recover but she had the yuk yuks again on Tuesday and felt feverish. I know I'm going on and on about being sick. I am truly shocked at how bad it got all of us. Truly knocked me off my feet so I've been on the couch for about 5 days. I have been reading a good book though:) Oh, I forgot to mention that we had to cancel Ava's party!! I had made cookies, a cake and cupcakes. All in the trash now.

I got this fish eye lens on Thursday with one of the gift certificates to Amazon we got. It's really cool. It was $29.95!! I still have to play with it more as there are some negatives that I need to figure out. You do get what you pay for but I still like it. I can now stop using my Lomo fish eye since it's 35mm.

I think I want to make this for Emily! It's growing on me....I have seen it around the blogs for a while now and I wasn't sure how I felt about it but now i really like it.
I feel so out of touch with my favorite blogs! I haven't been able to sit at the computer to check them since...Thursday evening I think..that is SO rare for me to not be able to sit at the computer! Usually my Internet has to be out for that to happen:)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

a birthday

Happy Birthday Ava Larue!
A year ago today I was: soooo much pain
2. anxiously awaiting your arrival
3. touching your hand through a little tiny round door
A year ago today you were:
1. causing me so much painY
2. whisked away to the NICU before I could even get a good look at you
3. touching my hand through a tiny round door
Today I am:
1. more in love with you than the 1st day I meet you-which I didn't think was possible
2. reminiscing about your birth
3. going to cry while reminiscing about your birth!
Today you are:
1. so stinkin' cute!
2. walking
3. making the weirdest noises

Friday, January 9, 2009


Another *finally finished* project!! Well, one down two to go. I still have the other chair and couch to do. I bought 80 yards of this khaki colored twill about 4 years ago. Put it in the basement and told myself it didn't exist. Not really but I did put off starting this huge project because I was scared I couldn't do it. About a year ago I made about 30 yds of piping, covered the 4 cushions and the ottoman and took apart the chair cover to use as a pattern then put it away. Last Sunday I cut out all the pieces and this week sewed them together! I just washed another 10 yards to start on the next chair but I'm so burnt out already! This is a huge undertaking but so worth it. Now I can take the slipcovers off and wash them! This is what I was supposed to be able to in the first place but the furniture store that sold them to me lied about the original slipcovers being washable. Bastards!

This is the chair without the cushion or pillows. All the flaps (the "skirt") are lined and there is a zipper in the back. I know it's wrinkled but it's a slipcover! And it's twill and loose fitting

Back view.
I didn't want to search for a picture of this chair before I recovered it but I did find one of the couch which is exactly the same but longer. In this picture of the couch the cushions have been recovered but nothing else.

Detailed shot of the piping. Yeah! It's done!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ava's invites and a video

Here are the invites for Ava's 1st birthday. The silhouette artwork is by this artist, the fonts are Century Gothic and CK Ali's Writing. I did everything in Publisher: inserted the artwork and then clicked "washout" so it's behind the writing and gray instead of black. Inserted the writing blah blah. I used Stampendous! Lg. Scallop Invite Cards with Scallop Envelopes. The pink polka dot paper is just so the invite shows up in the picture which didn't show that good after all. It's still muted colors but prettier in person.

And looks who's walking!
She's not walking all the time but she is doing it more and more each day. Watch out for the baby zombie at the end. She always looks like she needs a wig adjustment doesn't she?

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I used to have glasses like these from when I worked in a costume/novelty shop years ago. Sadly I lost them but the other day I found another pair (at Kaufland-for Fasching)! They make me laugh so hard every time I put them on me or someone else! I shouldn't post pictures where I look like 5 miles of bad road after I fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch going down but this was just to funny. Emily and Ava look especially *SPECIAL* in these don't you think?
I spent 4 hours at the store today cutting and sewing slipcovers for my couches. Thanks other employees for showing up...NOT! You all suck! That's OK because I go to watch uninterrupted(for the hundredth time) Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events . I love the artwork at the beginning and end of the movie and I think I want the sound track..
I also made Ava's invites for her 1st birthday! They are sooo cool if I do say so myself. I say that because I was shocked at how well they came out after hours of playing around with them. I'll post them next.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I FINALLY made a duvet cover out of the Mermaid fabric by Heather Ross (Mendocino). I did 3 panels on the top and used a very beautiful white top sheet (1000 thread count!) for the back. It is super soft and I love it! I wish I hadn't put it off for so long but I had so many other projects going. Now I want to make another one for the feather comforter Jon uses on his side:)

Emily got her hair cut by our friend and her babysitter, Mary H. Thanks Mary, you did a fabulous job!! She looks so cute! She really needed the cut as she's never had one (only her bangs) and her hair was ratty on the ends.

When Emily was born I had this "E" made by this etsy seller and told her I'd be back after the next baby. So here is the "A" she did for Ava! The plaques are done in acrylic paint on a wood laminate tag. They are hanging on the door to there room.

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