Sunday, May 30, 2010


**total coincidence: the girls are watching Nightmare Before Christmas in this picture.
These two frames used to house Nightmare Before Christmas pictures that I got while at Disneyland. They have been in these frames since I got them on our honeymoon in 2001. Did I ever mention that we had the perfect honeymoon for us (I say "us" because I realize that that's not a dream honeymoon for most!) We went to Disneyland to see the Haunted Mansion turned into the Nightmare Before Christmas (the 1st year it was done) and the next night we went to see Jane's Addiction.
So anyway, I finally took the posters out and replaced them with pictures of my angels! If you had told me back in 2001 that one day I'd replace my treasured NBC posters with pictures of my kids, I'd have said SHUT UP! But didn't they turn out awesome! Thanks to Mary A for cutting mats for them. I can't stop staring at them. Is that bad? Oh and I've stored my other posters for the future. When I have a playroom for the girls or a rec room or a den or just more space!

This is one of the prints framed above. It's slightly different than the one I posted previously.

More of that handsome boy Nicolas.

Crazy Ava.

Too bad that sun was so bright.

I will be posting more from this day. I know, you're done with them but I'm not:)

I have baked these twice in the last week.
They are called Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and the recipe is on my recipe page. The consist of: puff pastry, peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallows with a little powdered sugar on top.

I'm done reading About a Boy (it was as good as the movie) and have finished listening to Middlesex. I'm now reading Wizards First Rule (oh yeah, I'm reading a geeky fantasy book!) and listening to The Thorn Birds. My friend Jocelyn and I used to watch that movie on VHS while eating popcorn covered in MSG. Literally and liberally sprinkled with MSG. That stuff is good!
If you ever wonder why I mention what I'm listening to or reading it's because I like to hear about good books myself. If someone mentions a book and I've not heard of it, I'll go look to see if I want to read it. That's all. Thank you. Bye Bye.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's a Toy Camera/Hazey Day

Yesterday we went to Mary A's house to take pictures with Nicolas.
Here's my favorites.

Almost all of them done with the Toy Camera/hazey actions from Eyecandy Actions.
*OMG BECKY! How cute is she??
I love these colors I'm seeing all over my favorite photography blogs. it's a yummy hazey look. At 1st I was so into color pop and super bright. Now it's this...

And blurry is ok! It's the new black:)

This is Sunshine from Pioneer Woman actions

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kokeshi (1)

A present for my "girlfriend in a coma". It's a Kokeshi Doll made from the Melly and Me Kaleidoscope book (the same book I made the mushroom back packs from).
Unfortunately she looks like she lost an arm... this is what happens when I hand sew anything.

The original pattern is just super plain so I added the details to the front and back of the dress. And I put the circles in her hair. I also used wool felt for her hair instead of the cotton that was called for.

I also gave her a gusset on the bottom so she can stand up easily.

She's filled with plastic pellets in the bottom and stuffing at the top.
My friend Jocelyn loves Kokeshi dolls and she's having a girl soon so I originally thought I'd make these (there is another one in construction) like rattles with a bell in them but I decided it would just be best if they sat on a shelf.
I hope you like them Jocelyn:)

I love this photo. LOVE it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ory Ory O (jungle love)

I discovered a photoshop action I didn't know I had. It's called retro and I love it. I like to alter every photo I take just to see what happens. I can't leave a photo alone. And you can't make me.

I always thought that song Jungle Love by Morris Day and the Time started with "ory ory o" like oreo...but actually it's "oh-wee-oh-wee-oh". Anyone remember that song?

Mary A. borrowed my oreo cake pan and made the most bestest chocolate cake with peanutbutter frosting ever! She made it for Kelly's birthday last week.

Thanks Mary:)

I've been playing around with taking pictures of sewing objects. I have big plans... not really that big and I may never do anything with it...
I have been sewing here and there but nothings finished.
I'm in a funk regarding sewing.
Somethings gotta change.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don't touch that squirrels nuts!

I'm of course referring to the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I made this a couple of days ago but just wasn't feeling up to posting.
We've all got colds here, blah:(

The pattern is from here and the fabric is Close to my Heart (the plaid. The polka dot corduroy is from Super Buzzy). The small one is the original size but I thought it was too small. The big one is made from a copy of the pattern at 150%.

And Ava singing...
**oops. I think I uploaded the wrong one. But since it takes so long to upload, I'm going to leave it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Finished some UFO's

What I've been working on this past week. I had 12 diaper/wipe holders in the works from MANY months ago. last year actually. I'm just not into making them right now so I put them aside. I got them out and finished them! yay!

Two are not pictured (one is a repeat of the blue/brown flower butterfly) and the other one I couldn't remember where I put it! I brought it home from the store and hung it on my door handle. behind my robe. I searched for that thing for ever! I thought I was going crazy! Anyway, found it. but after I took the photo.

I used two different woven tags because I finally used up the "mommy's little monster" tags and had to use something else. I can't wait for my new tags (not ordered yet) with my new logo so everything matches. See my new hang tag below?


Jon visited Dublin with friends two weeks ago.
Here's a picture from his visit of St. Peter's Church. We visited Dublin about 4 years ago when Emily had just started walking. She did pretty good there. The only time she cried on the plane was when I smacked her head into the over head bin while trying to get in our seats. nice way to start off your vacation. But we don't travel together much now (we've both taken separate vacations since Ava was born) because of Ava. Maybe someday we'll travel again as a family...sigh...

And these next two are from Morocco. Jon was there this past week. That's in AFRICA people! So cool he can say he's been to Africa. Although not what you'd automatically think when you thought Africa.
Apparently this area is not touristy at all therefore a little rundown looking (think war-torn). The beach is pretty but if he were to turn around and take a picture of the city and all the run down buildings it wouldn't be so pretty. He actually did show me pictures and it's not pretty. Jon said that the stuff that looks like rocks right on the beach (before that wall and before the buildings ) is a cemetery! those are thousands of headstones.

And below is video proving we are bad parents. I took this video knowing she would stagger and fall. Jon twirled her around knowing she would stagger and fall. But it's OK because she asked him to do it knowing she would stagger and fall. She loves it! Try and ignore my horrid laugh though :) It almost ruins it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


If you love my new logo as much as I do, raise your hand! I commissioned the very talented Jessica over at JMC Creations to put together something that represented me, my blog, my creations. As you may know, platz is German for place, room, space, etc. I'm a Parrish and this is my place. get it?
I threw together some examples of tags I can make for the store. I need to play around with them more. I was hurrying with these. Cute though, huh? look at the house below! I want to wear it! I can't explain what I mean by I want a stripped shirt and teal leggings. So 80's.
And because every element is separate I can do all kinds of things with them. Like when someone buys something from my etsy store and I wrap it really pretty I can slap a cute thank you sticker like above on it. or I can insert them in my photos below as a kind of watermark.
Again, all of these were done hastily as I just wanted to post the new logo!

The one below of me and Jon is one of my favorites of us. I don't know might be because we had only been in Germany about 3 months. It was just us two (not a lot of friends to take up our time) and I wasn't working till about a month after this was taken. I'm not sure what kind of water mark I want to do. What do you like? Keep in mind they aren't to keep soemone from taking them (I'd have to actually move the logo over more of the picture). I just want to "stamp" my photos so you know they are mine.

Hohenzollern castle. Just trying out different watermarks..

Lichtenstien castle.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber torture museum

Frank biting my butt.

Thank you Jessica! I am so impressed by these. I can't wait to order woven labels and to just play around with them more!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


A booster seat for Emily made from Hello Kitty vinyl.
The pattern is from the One Yard Wonders book that i also made this from.
I used 3 layers of 2" Nufoam (cut to 12x12). nufoam is super light but dense. It called for only one layer of 2" foam and fill the rest with buck wheat hulls.
Thanks Corinnea and Kelly for your help today:)
On our way home from the babysitters today.
This is when I gave it to her and she was SO excited!!
Yes she's wearing plaid pants and a purple stripped hoodie. I happen to like those pants.
Jon said they were clown pants. I didn't choose the hoodie though.
Jon arrived home at the same time we did so I got a picture of him in uniform. Ava still cries out "DADDDDDYYY!!!" when she sees another uniformed person (black, asian, female...doesn't matter. All she sees is the uniform). it's adorable to a point. Not adorable when I can't convince her that the person walking in the distance is not daddy.

Emily showing everyone how it works. I mainly made it because she has to sit on a booster when we go to the movies and the ones they have there are ratty and if it's a full house, there won't be any left.

I added the handle. It doesn't call for one but I wanted Emily to be able to carry it herself.
The pattern would have been easy but I must have cut wrong or the pattern was wrong. I need to check for errata on the Internet.

I also added a Velcro closure when it was not called for. You were supposed to hand sew the opening closed. I'll do anything including more work to not hand sew:)
I feel the same way about cooking. I'd rather go get something than cook I don't care if it would have taken less time to cook something than to go get it. And that is how I feel no matter if I'm sick or tired. I could have the yuk yuks and I'd still get in the car to get dinner from a restaurant rather than cook.
I abandoned The Constant Princess to start reading the new Sookie book. I love it! The constant princess is really good though. It's by Phillipa Gregory. Her books are mostly centered around the English monarch with whom I am obsessed. This one is about Queen Catherine of Aragon and her side of the story from when she was a little girl up till her marriage to Henry the 8th.
Fascinating! I'll pick it back up when I'm done with Sookie:) I'm listening to Middlesex on audio book. Still fascinating the 2nd time.

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