Friday, May 14, 2010

Finished some UFO's

What I've been working on this past week. I had 12 diaper/wipe holders in the works from MANY months ago. last year actually. I'm just not into making them right now so I put them aside. I got them out and finished them! yay!

Two are not pictured (one is a repeat of the blue/brown flower butterfly) and the other one I couldn't remember where I put it! I brought it home from the store and hung it on my door handle. behind my robe. I searched for that thing for ever! I thought I was going crazy! Anyway, found it. but after I took the photo.

I used two different woven tags because I finally used up the "mommy's little monster" tags and had to use something else. I can't wait for my new tags (not ordered yet) with my new logo so everything matches. See my new hang tag below?


Jon visited Dublin with friends two weeks ago.
Here's a picture from his visit of St. Peter's Church. We visited Dublin about 4 years ago when Emily had just started walking. She did pretty good there. The only time she cried on the plane was when I smacked her head into the over head bin while trying to get in our seats. nice way to start off your vacation. But we don't travel together much now (we've both taken separate vacations since Ava was born) because of Ava. Maybe someday we'll travel again as a family...sigh...

And these next two are from Morocco. Jon was there this past week. That's in AFRICA people! So cool he can say he's been to Africa. Although not what you'd automatically think when you thought Africa.
Apparently this area is not touristy at all therefore a little rundown looking (think war-torn). The beach is pretty but if he were to turn around and take a picture of the city and all the run down buildings it wouldn't be so pretty. He actually did show me pictures and it's not pretty. Jon said that the stuff that looks like rocks right on the beach (before that wall and before the buildings ) is a cemetery! those are thousands of headstones.

And below is video proving we are bad parents. I took this video knowing she would stagger and fall. Jon twirled her around knowing she would stagger and fall. But it's OK because she asked him to do it knowing she would stagger and fall. She loves it! Try and ignore my horrid laugh though :) It almost ruins it!


Mary H. said...

Cute bags! I like the brown one b/c it matches the makeup bag you gave me :) and i'd totally use this one as a sling! - eventhough that's not what it's meant for, but who cares.
love the photos from jon's trips- i bet he had a blast.
and the video is sooo mean, but sooo funny! lol I know Ava likes to twirl in circles and makes herself dizzy sometimes too. hahaha

corinnea said...

So much fun all in one post!!!
Love the bags, tags, photos and the video... hilarious.

Cute new header!

Anonymous said...

for me, the laugh made the whole video. I was laughing before you did, but was cracking up after you laughed

Anonymous said...

call me Jen btw that is my comment above

Heidi said...

Well done finishing all those UFO's! Can you do some of mine too? My favorite is the pink one with the brown swirls, shocking, I know!

Love the photo of Dublin - makes me happy I'm going home on Monday! The graveyard next to the beach is fascinating - I have an Irish friend who lives in the Caribbean and has lived in Grand Cayman, Jamaica etc. She said that nobody is mad enough to live by the sea because of hurricanes, tsunamis etc. so they have all the graveyards next too the water because it can't kill you twice! Apparently there was a hurricane and they thought a bunch of people had died and it turned out to be bodies from a graveyard. Lovely!

I can't get the video to load - I'll try again tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

I love that sock monkeys print!

It's one of the best feelings to finish off those projects just hanging around. Good for you!

TheBlackForrist said...

cackle cackle... that video is hilarious, cackle included. love the new fabrics, and the NEW TAGS!!! so stinkin cute!

KD Designs said...

I love the new hang tag! You know I'll take the girls if you want to have a weekend together. One weekend in June is probably possible. The video is cute!

insanely crafty said...

Ok I thought the laugh totally made the video!
Cool tags. Love seeing the sewing projects!

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