Monday, February 23, 2015

Felt Carnivorous Plants

Emily and her friend Sara are doing their 4th grade science fair project on carnivorous plants. Emily chose the Venus Fly Trap and Sara chose the Pitcher plant. I suggested Emily make her model from felt and she was excited to do it. I made up a pattern and cut the pieces out. But she sewed them herself. I also made up Sara's pattern and cut her pieces out but she sewed her's on her own too. All I did was get them started with one or two stitches.  I really really think these turned out sooo awesome!! Emily's Venus Fly Trap will live on our book shelf for sure.  Her's is all wool felt and Sara's is acrylic felt. The stems have wire in them and so does Sara's "lids".
Below are the pattern pieces I  made up. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Woven Wall Hanging 1

I'm hooked! These are so much fun and really make you think about design. I found tutorials and inspiration all over pinterest but the most help was from here.  My yarn is from Micheals and Joanns and the loom is from amazon. Here are the links for the two sizes I have (see last photo below): big one, small one. The big one is huge and I found it to be awkward to sit on the couch and do this.

I happen to have pom poms already made from the yarn I used so I put them on the sides.

Below is the back of the wall hanging. This was the easiest and best looking for me to do. Everything else (weaving it back in, etc.) looked bad.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ice Cream Dress/Top

 Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress/Tunic. I made a size 5 with an 8 size length. Ava's measurements are: 25" chest, 24" waist and 25" hip. She is 7 and about 45" tall. It's a perfect fit with not much room for growth. The fabric is Anna Maria Horner Voile from the Little Folks line.
This is my first time making it and I liked it a lot. Easy and so cute. 
I've been in a sewing slump. I don't know what it is. The tiny apartment that's like a cave maybe or that I talk myself out of things. I spend way too much time going through my patterns and fabric trying to make a match and then can't decide. I do have stuff to show and blog though just not like I use to. 

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