Tuesday, August 23, 2011

pinterest + me = love

I saw this print on pinterest and had to have it. It goes perfect in my room, right? Here's more from this guy's series.
And whilst browsing pinterest, I found this and really really laughed out loud. I LOL'd! Oh my god and this one! Emily just did this earlier and I of course had to say that's why I tell you to pick them up! I actaully don't wish that on anyone. Ok, one more.

When I was at my sister-in-laws house I saw these cookies on crafterhours. I might have thrown my computer, knocked over one of my kids and pushed wheel-chair-bound Grammie out of the way trying to get to the store to buy the ingredients. I might have done that. And smacked a baby and shaken a kitten.... These cookies are that good people! They consist of just two ingredients: Oreos and pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough in the toob. You wrap the Oreos in the cookie dough (not the easiest thing to do) cook for about 10-11 minutes at 350 degrees. Sooo soo good. The really cool thing about these is two-fold (did I use that right?) : you get two cookies in one and because the dough is premade you can cook two a night like I do:)  Or when at my sister-in-laws I would take orders after dinner and make that many.  

 Random photos of me with my girls at Uncle Steve's fire house. I know lots of moms have the problem where you are never in any photos because no one ever thinks to stop and take one of you! When we travel I have to make Jon (Hi Jon) take photos of me and the girls so they know I was there:)
As you can see blogger and I are friends again. I had to upload one photo at a time and to Picasa 1st. And to answer Kelly's question from the comments of my last post, I always have to upload to Picasa 1st now that we live here but I couldn't even do that yesterday.
One more thing. We're potty training here.
And FYI, I will be throwing out my living room carpets in a month or two.


jules said...

OMG - LOL - and your favorite, Jenny, LMFAO!!!! I'm serious, though, that framed print and especially the Lego and Haiku cards made me say and do all three!!
LOVE the pics of you and the girls :)
Good luck potty training, may the force be with you!

Kelly's Korner said...

Oh Jennifer! I may have spit a little cookie laughing at this post! Wait... I wasn't eating a cookie.... who said I was? ....

Ok, funny cuz I JUST saw that Haiku poster on another blog TODAY! The lego one really made me laugh! So those cookies are good? Your description of making them was histerical! Oh, and the rug too! You kill me!

Heather said...

welcome back! I can always count on you to make me laugh! ... and drool apparently. good thing i'm headed to the grocery store tomorrow. oreos and dough on the list!

Corinnea said...

Well thanks. I've been trying NOT to make those cookies since I saw the post. As soon as I finish my key lime pie I'm so making them. I do like your idea of just making a couple at a time. Thanks for that because I'd have made them all and regretted it......
I must say I love pinterest probably more than I am going to love the cookies. The one you bought, I hadn't seen. It would be perfect anywhere!
Sorry blogger is a pain, glad you persevered.

Anonymous said...

LOl I have missed reading your posts! Is Emily in school yet? Those were pretty funny sayings! Have fun with the potty training! lmbo
Lisa Baker

crafterhours said...

I was loving this post even before the crafterhours shout out. thanks for the laugh!

Tina said...

Wow, the cookies sounds interesting, unfortunately I am one of these strange people who does not like Oreo's ( please don't hold it against me). Your description on how to make them was to funny!
The framed print look good in your room, and it did crack me up so!

Adrienne said...

Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha! Holy cow, I needed that laugh! I'm going to have to make those cookies now. My husband is going to kill me, but they seem to be cookies worth dying for.

Awesome post. :)

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