Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm crying over here!

I have  been trying ALL day to upload to blogger (same thing yesterday) and no luck. I don't know if it's my Internet or it's happening to others. The picture above is the only thing I was able to load.
I got these really cool nail polish pens from the Del Mar Fair (now the San Diego County Fair but you can't make me call it that!) and I love them! They are so easy. I know they look like my 3 year old did them but I still like them and if I practised I'd get better, right?:)
I'd show you the other hand but stupid blogger hates me!
Did I mention it's hot? Like Africa hot. The humidity is just unbearable I want to cry. I have 7 fans going and am thinking of getting another...I sent the most awesome-ist fan back to Germany from the States but it's not here yet. Boo. This fan is truly the best thing ever.


Tina said...

The nail polish pens are great. I love the fish. Stay cool Jennifer, same here. I am so hot I don't want to sew. They had these cool fans in Budapest that had a water hose attached to them and they sprayed a fine cool mist. That was so nice, wish I had one.
Back to another round in the fridge, it is cool there.

Jessica said...

love the nails! Sorry you are having issues with blogger... it hates on me too!

Adrienne said...

The nails are adorable! The cherries are the best. Sorry Blogger is being dumb. You're not out of storage space, are you?

Good luck with staying cool. We have A/C here, but it's been so hot (over 100°F) that it's had a hard time keeping up. I turn on all our ceiling fans, and keep the curtains drawn during the day. But we do have A/C, so I can't complain. I hope your fan gets there soon!

Kelly's Korner said...

I've been hearing lots of complaints about blogger and photos. One site suggested uploading to Picassa and using the url. I am able to upload, but only one picture at a time, which is time consuming, but oh well.

I like the pens! I got black and white ones but haven't tried them yet.

Stop complaining about the heat! I'm SO happy to not be freezing!!!!! I was reading another blog - OoonaBalloona, or however she spells that - and she said Africa hot too! I laughed and thought of you!

Corinnea said...

Very cute nails, I wish I had nails.

So sorry about blogger, I am going to keep my fingers crossed, knock on wood and throw salt over my shoulder cause it is working fine for me right now!

I saw this fan on a commercial by Dyson that I want to see up close. It has no blades!

Keep trying to stay cool I don't want you to melt away!

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