Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scooter identifier

We got Emily this Razor Scooter shortly after we got to this new place and I needed a way to quickly identify it as hers since all the other kids have them too. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out her name several times and a couple if dinosaurs. I put her name in 4 different places on it including the bottom. One of the R's in her last name are messed up from the cutting out process. 

Ava & Emily | Aug. 3, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thar be poison in these bottles!

These are my cleaning bottles. I like neat and pretty bottles instead of those ugly bottles they come in IF the bottles will sit out on the counter or be used a lot. They are just those $1-$2 empty travel bottles filled with: blue liquid is multi-purpose cleaner, clear liquid is bleach cleaner and the vinegar one is.. vinegar. I used silver vinyl and a shape bought from the Silhouette store and of course used my Silhouette Cameo to cut them out.  

The side-ways skull is that way because it got cut off during the cutting process and i didn't want to waist it.
So the two tall bottles and vinegar are for the kitchen and the small skull bottles are for each bathroom. And the reason for the skulls is so the girls know they are bad at a glance.

I love them!
And below is the girls playing on the trampoline yesterday (we moved it to the side of the house). We put the sprinkler under it. It seems summer has arrived here now that school starts in a week. But I may have spoken too soon and fall will be here tomorrow then summer again the following day:)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wild Things Quilt

A baby quilt for some friends from Stuttgart (Jon's BFF). 
They are now in Texas and the baby is about 6 or so months. Better late than never!
The fabrics are all stuff I had in my stash, the pattern is Thimble Blossoms, Wild Things. It was quilted by the lady in Montana. I have since done my own free motion quilting so I will most likely not send her baby-sized quilts again as I can now do them myself!
The backing is the same fabric I used on my Landofnod floor cushion knock offs here.
Did you gasp when you saw the picture below? The ugly Frankenstein stitches around the binding??  Oops. Should have used yellow thread and concealed my stitches but I'm not capable of pretty hand stitching:)  It's OK . I'm OK with it and can admit my talents don't lie* in hand sewing:) (**lay, lie?)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Emily Strange Tees

My Emily was named after this Emily the Strange:) I love this little character and her huge attitude 
(thanks Jocelyn for turning me onto her almost 20 years ago!).
"Emily is so anticool she's cool... a subculture of one, and a follower of no one but herself."
I bought some puff-sleeve tees from Old Navy (yesterday I bought several more on sale for $3.75 each with discount code). The style is feminine which I love but with the right iron-on toughens it up just enough. This particular shirt was worn a lot last year with her uniform and had some light stains on it which I covered up with the transfer.I used these iron-on sheets bought on Amazon and images of Emily Strange from the web. I think though that it's not meant for dark you can see below it is washed out and even worse for the black tee below. Maybe I did something wrong??
I like it like this! It looks worn and loved and washed many times. I washed the white one above last night and dried it in the dryer and it looks about he same as when I threw it in. The image is still soft and won't crack.
So this one is supposed to be white all around the image but instead looks grey or even sparkly ( in the photos but not real life). I like it though. 

This one below is for a girl next door who is having a Rainbow party Sunday. This is part of her present. The rainbow was purchased on etsy from here and the tee is the same old navy one (I just happened to buy Emily some new ones for the new school year. I think I might keep some on hand for birthday's) I think all of these are a size small and have been washed (for size reference: Emily is 7 and somewhat small for her age;)

and....our new car!  2012 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT. Shes a tad bland looking but she holds 7 people, has a rear DVD system with wireless headphones which we all appreciate, back-up camera and the seats fold down into the floor! I can also buy extra large items and haul it back home with the help of no one because we now have space!!  We have space for visitors now...anyone??

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Faux Metal Wall Letters (shelf style)

* photo of above from*
I received an email from showing their new items and the above metal letters were one of them. But they are $34 each. I almost bought them (just an A & and E) but then remembered that I bought these extra large paper mache letters from Joann's last summer and some stainless steel-like spray paint from the PX.

So I cut open each letter using an x-acto knife. This is what is inside:
Discard the middle filler and take top off completely. I tried to get as much of the scraggly paper edges off as I could but it just wasn't working. So I spray painted the letters with the rough edges. I think it kind of looks like torn metal after being spray painted.
So here they are after the spray paint (I did several layers). The spray paint doesn't thicken them so you can't put heavy items on them. And I do think they are a little boyish but I have many many more letters of varying sizes and fonts and designs to go around these (all A's and E's) so maybe that will help them look more feminine if I ever put them up. maybe less toys on them too....
Do they look like metal to you? I agree they are not as nice as the originals. I would still prefer the land of nod ones.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Head Only a Mother Could Love

Look at that beast of a head? Only a mother could love that. I have no idea what I did wrong or if it's supposed to be like that. It won't stay up to well and his legs can't even hold his own head weight! I stupidly put a doll joint in its neck so the head can swivel but the joint is too big (just experimenting).  He's made from this adorable book  called Felt Friends from Japan and as usual, made ages ago but never blogged (pictures are from the old house). He's made from wool felt and has poly beads in his legs for weight but it didn't help. I keep calling it a he.....he's supposed to be hand sewn but i didn't want a Frankenstein Bambi:)

I have been completing projects started a long time ago. Some when I was pregnant with Ava! 
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