Saturday, August 11, 2012

Emily Strange Tees

My Emily was named after this Emily the Strange:) I love this little character and her huge attitude 
(thanks Jocelyn for turning me onto her almost 20 years ago!).
"Emily is so anticool she's cool... a subculture of one, and a follower of no one but herself."
I bought some puff-sleeve tees from Old Navy (yesterday I bought several more on sale for $3.75 each with discount code). The style is feminine which I love but with the right iron-on toughens it up just enough. This particular shirt was worn a lot last year with her uniform and had some light stains on it which I covered up with the transfer.I used these iron-on sheets bought on Amazon and images of Emily Strange from the web. I think though that it's not meant for dark you can see below it is washed out and even worse for the black tee below. Maybe I did something wrong??
I like it like this! It looks worn and loved and washed many times. I washed the white one above last night and dried it in the dryer and it looks about he same as when I threw it in. The image is still soft and won't crack.
So this one is supposed to be white all around the image but instead looks grey or even sparkly ( in the photos but not real life). I like it though. 

This one below is for a girl next door who is having a Rainbow party Sunday. This is part of her present. The rainbow was purchased on etsy from here and the tee is the same old navy one (I just happened to buy Emily some new ones for the new school year. I think I might keep some on hand for birthday's) I think all of these are a size small and have been washed (for size reference: Emily is 7 and somewhat small for her age;)

and....our new car!  2012 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT. Shes a tad bland looking but she holds 7 people, has a rear DVD system with wireless headphones which we all appreciate, back-up camera and the seats fold down into the floor! I can also buy extra large items and haul it back home with the help of no one because we now have space!!  We have space for visitors now...anyone??


Adrienne said...

I like the washed-out, distressed look of those tees! Super cute! I thought it was supposed to look that way, until you told me otherwise.

Congrats on the new wheels! Isn't is liberating?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love how creative you are! And I love that you use that for gifts. So much more thoughtful that way. Miss yall so much!
Lisa Baker

Anonymous said...

Love both Emily T-shirts and laughed at the rainbow party for the girl next door...we will talk about that little tidbit later :) I love the new car and I am so glad you have enough room to carry everything that comes with having children and if anyone comes to visit in the next year before you leave, you will LOVE having enough room to tote everyone around...

Kelly's Korner said...

Love love love the first shirt! All the shirts are awesome!

Mary A. said...

Love the shirts! I really love your new car. I wish I could have seen the girl's faces when you got it. I stll remember how excited Cecilia and I were when we got our Grand Caravan with the separated captain seats in the middle and AC. We would have died if there was a tv in it. Lucky girls :). Miss you guys so much. XOXO

Jessica said...

The tshirts look great!
Love the van. We were talked out of buying a 7 seater vehicle that would wouldn't need it until the kids were older... blah blah... ummm- yeah we totally wish we had one now!

Corinnea said...

Love the shirts, love the van. We were mean and stuffed our kids into a small car their entire lives. I do not believe they have forgiven us. I do believe I may be a bit crazy because of it. But maybe I was crazy already. hmmmm

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