Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Woodland Animal Snow Globe ADVENT

An advent for my sister (and I made one for myself at the same time and Emily helped make the animals on both). This is the "Woodland Animal Christmas Snow Globe" ADVENT from SugarHouseShop on etsy. 
I love this advent!! Love it! I made this for my sister because I had made her an advent in the early 90's that is really outdated. I think my sister still loves it because she puts it out each year but I don't love it 😉

I made some alterations though after looking at these advents made by other people:

1.  The sides of theirs pulled when the pockets where full. 
So I made pockets with gussets. Totally solved that problem.
2. It's see through. And the felt looks cheap when see though. So I ironed Pellon Shape Flex interfacing (SF101) in white to the back before putting everything on. Totally Solved that problem.
3. I trimmed about 5" off the top white felt so there was less white showing between top of globe and dowel.
4. I only hand sewed the animals and embroidered the numbers. The instructions say to hand sew the the globe, tree, snow and base on to the background--I machine stitched. Also to hand sew the balls closed after inserting the magnets. I used a glue gun.
5. I didn't use any sequins. I'm not a sequins kind of girl.
6. I ironed on Wonder Under between the globe, tree, etc so they stayed on while I machined sewed. I used pins too but the thing still sags a little.

At the end is a picture of the plastic slip cover I made for it when it's being stored for the year. It's like a giant pillow case and the snaps are on the top so if any ornaments fall off the are caught in the bottom of the bag. It can be hung for storage or rolled.


Unknown said...

Brilliant ways to both save time and create something that is really you (and your sister)! You are a rockstar for creating two of these. Thank you so much for sharing!

kms handmade said...

Cute overload!!!! That is absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

So I saw this on your instagram and liked it; however, I didn't realize that what went in the little pockets were the animals. Now I love it. It is so very super cute! JennyBean

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