Monday, March 29, 2010


Mary A. made this table runner after seeing Deana's.
It is sooo adorable don't you think?? And from what I can tell, super easy. a day project. So there's time to make one for Easter. It would make a nice gift for a hostess if you're going to someones house for Easter eating.

Our new display thanks to Katelyn's genius!! She asked me to help make the birds but it was all her idea to hang them.

They're hard to see in this top photo.

The free pattern is from here and they are super easy too.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ollie & Effie (respectively)

Elephants made from the Heather Bailey pattern, Ollie & Effie.

I'm in love! They are so tiny too. The fabric for Effie is Cosmo Cricket, Girl Friday.

The butt below.


Ollie's fabric is Robert Kaufman I think. Wool felt star applique.

The tales were supposed to be out of the same fabric as the body but I found it impossible to do (hard to turn a tube that small).

He fits in the palm of my hand. He's meant to be a pin cushion or a toy. I think I want to enlarge the pattern and make them bigger.


At the clinic the other day trying to keep the girls entertained.

Emily's new Converse. Aren't these cute??

That's SO Emily & Ava below. Sums them up.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

it's elementary

For my sister to put in her classroom or maybe her home office? Or the back of her closet:)
I printed out primary paper, enlarged it, had Emily write her name and then using this pen, I traced and ironed it on the linen. Then embroidered. The pen says permanent but it washed out in the wash on this particular fabric. I don't know if it will on other fabrics or if left to sit for a long time. This was only on the fabric for about 2 days.

And so Jenny Bean doesn't feel left out, there is one started for her too. They will both stay in the embroidery hoops so they can hang on the wall.

I got the idea from this flickr person. She uses a nice, neat font but I thought it would be more personal for my sister and Jenny B if Emily wrote their names.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Home is...

I went to the bazaar here on Patch Friday with my friend Lisa for one reason only. The reason was to get this plaque! I had seen it in my friend Heidi's house and haaaad to have it.
Isn't it sooo cool? It looks like a German house (to me it does!)! I chose not to have the first "base sign" (the little ones hanging down saying where you have lived) say "home is where the Army sends us" and instead to just have all the places we have lived as a couple. Well, I didn't live with Jon in Korea so I guess that doesn't make sense. I just didn't want Army on it. And what if he goes contractor someday?

Here's the website that makes these. When we move to Schweinfurt I'll order another base sign.

You can have hearts for the birth of your babies placed on the city/state they were born in, rings or a church for when you were married and paw prints for when you acquire a new pet.
I had been hording a Williams-Sonoma gift certificate and finally used it last night. These two cake pans are what I ordered. The first is a giant donut cake! It's 8" wide and 2" high (each pan).

And then this giant Oreo cake pan. It's made with chocolate cake mix and whatever filling. I would do peanut butter frosting of course:) It's 9" wide by 2" high (each pan). I think I'll have Emily choose which one she wants for her birthday this summer.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Book Lover

A little pillow for my sister:) The books are her all time favorites.
The ones that have meant something to her.
My favorite embroidery on the pillow is the Twilight one. My favorite book would have to be Outlander. I already have my pillow started but I won't be as rushed with mine. I just wanted to get hers done ASAP!

I started this February 19th and embroidered a little each night and occasionally skipped some nights. I had to tear out a lot of stitches and redo them so that added to the time.

I had a lot of trouble getting the lettering on to the fabric since it's hard to see through (therefore can't trace it using a light box-for some of the colors) and it wouldn't take carbon tracing paper easily. I ended up using combination of many things.

I got the idea from here. Thanks Katelyn ever so much for emailing me the link. As you know I was so excited by it, I bought the fabric for it right then and there.
A lot of the fonts are really close to the actual books spin or front of the book. I created each title in publisher and then would print out several different sizes on one paper, then printed.

The back...
The book fabric is Drawing Room by Anna Maria Horner (decorator weight fabric).

The invisible zipper and the piping...

Julia, I hope you like it!

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Uncle is Clever

Just a little bag like the one Corinnea made but with Embroidery and not like hers but like hers:)

I wanted to inspire teens to embroider using the Sublime Stitching patterns.

So it'll hang in the store for a while.

eye candy actions: hazy. I loooove that action. so soft and sweet.

I'm going to enter Ava in to the Guinness book of World Records for fasted person to break sunglasses. She didn't break these but she has broken several of Emily's, mine and Jon's eyeglasses. We still haven't found all the parts to his.

**Corinnea, my uncle is the reason I asked if you sister was a wood carver too. She just seems like she can do anything!
This just a few of the wood carving's that my Uncle Rusty does. His talent is phenomenal as you can see. You can also see more here at the Gallery On Sixth. I proudly have a few items of his in my home (see below. these are clothes pins!). My Nanny (my grandmother) usually puts something of his in our stockings.

I just finished reading Her Fearful Symmetry. wow.
I'm listening to Catch me if you Can. I read the book and saw the movie. I highly recommend the book as he did so much more than in the movie.
I watched Whip It last night. I really liked it. Makes me want to roller skate. I still have roller blades...Hey Deana, want to roller blade down by the Neckar near RB? I could push the stroller at the same time. My inner thighs are hurting just thinking about it!
oh, one last thing. I saw on a blog I check that Zooey Deschanel's band, She & Him, has a new record coming out end of March. Here's a video. I love it! I have their album, Volume one and love it. Well, some of the songs anyway. And who doesn't love the Yes man soundtrack??

Emily Quilt

Made from the book Winsome Baby. The binding is not finished but you get the idea.

Most of the fabric is Girl Friday by Cosmo Cricket

The back.

I forgot to photograph the hidden message I quilted.
It says: "love you, mama"

My 2nd quilt on the long arm!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Orange you glad I......

Band aid quilt done except for the binding needs to be completed.
I loooove it! Thanks Jennifer from bettycrockerass for the measurements and the inspiration:)

Munki Munki alien print. Cut from pj's. It's not for anyone or for my bed. I just had to make it. You know how it is:)

The back is Wee Play by American Jane for Moda.


Adrienne posted about blogger having new features so I'm going to attempt to post some favorite recipes on my new recipe page. It'll be up top under the header (the page tabs).
My good friend Heidi has been sharing recipes. I hate cooking. I hate deciding what to eat. I hate, hate, hate cooking! I love to bake though..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Look then Read

Just random photos I took recently with my new lens.

How cute is this baby??

What we all woke up to yesterday. More snow!!!

OK, so I have news that most of you have heard already. The news is....we're moving to Schweinfurt, Germany in the fall (about 7-8 months from now and about 2.5 hours from here) and Jon re enlisted for another 4 years. We're very very excited to be staying in Germany but I keep feeling like I'm going to vomit when I think about leaving my friends and job. We'll have been here 7 years when we move. 7 years! I've made some really good friends and I looooooooooove my job. Love it. Except for the days when I quit. But in between the I quits (and there can be 3-4 in one day) I love it.
I know it's 7-8 months away but we just found out and made it official yesterday. I wanted to share our good news.

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