Friday, March 12, 2010

My Uncle is Clever

Just a little bag like the one Corinnea made but with Embroidery and not like hers but like hers:)

I wanted to inspire teens to embroider using the Sublime Stitching patterns.

So it'll hang in the store for a while.

eye candy actions: hazy. I loooove that action. so soft and sweet.

I'm going to enter Ava in to the Guinness book of World Records for fasted person to break sunglasses. She didn't break these but she has broken several of Emily's, mine and Jon's eyeglasses. We still haven't found all the parts to his.

**Corinnea, my uncle is the reason I asked if you sister was a wood carver too. She just seems like she can do anything!
This just a few of the wood carving's that my Uncle Rusty does. His talent is phenomenal as you can see. You can also see more here at the Gallery On Sixth. I proudly have a few items of his in my home (see below. these are clothes pins!). My Nanny (my grandmother) usually puts something of his in our stockings.

I just finished reading Her Fearful Symmetry. wow.
I'm listening to Catch me if you Can. I read the book and saw the movie. I highly recommend the book as he did so much more than in the movie.
I watched Whip It last night. I really liked it. Makes me want to roller skate. I still have roller blades...Hey Deana, want to roller blade down by the Neckar near RB? I could push the stroller at the same time. My inner thighs are hurting just thinking about it!
oh, one last thing. I saw on a blog I check that Zooey Deschanel's band, She & Him, has a new record coming out end of March. Here's a video. I love it! I have their album, Volume one and love it. Well, some of the songs anyway. And who doesn't love the Yes man soundtrack??


Corinnea said...

Hey! The bag is exactly like mine but not! ha ha It's very cute. Can't wait to see it up close.

YES! My sis also carves! So does you know who though he hasn't done it in too long. Your uncle's stuff it great!

The glasses are hilarious! I love you in the reflection. How in the world can Miss Em be so cute with that silly face???? I just want to squeeze Ava!

KD Designs said...

I like how you propped open the bag! Cute! those carvings are so cool! I love the clothespins! The girls are adorable! Ethan used to have a glasses breaking problem! :)

Mary H. said...

Those glasses remind me of the latest willy-wonka. lol- too cute. And the baggie as well as the carvings are very cool!

Katelyn R. said...

cute bag! and the girls are adorable, the carvings are amazing. I love to rollerblade too! (bet your didn't think I read that far huh?) but I don't think I brought them here with me.

d-na said...

hells yeah, to the neckar skate! i walk aeva down there 3-4 times a week! as for the "yes, man!" soundtrack, have you heard the 500 days of summer soundtrack? i have it and love,love,love it too. hey, i don't even care about the and mary more than cancelled them out today!

Kara Forristall said...

the bag is great, the embroidery is ab fab... and Ava's little crooked grid makes me melt, I LOVE it!

Jayery said...

The girls look so cute in those sunglasses.I miss roller bladding, been thinking of buying a pair. I love the detail in those wooden clothes pins, your uncle has an amazing talent.

Jenny Bean said...

I roller bladed until I was 8 months pregnant with little Michael. It drove my commander crazy, but the doctor ok'd it so she couldn't do anything. :) The carvings that your uncle did are wonderful. I wish I had that kind of talent. As for the girls, it goes without saying that they are beautiful.

Jessica said...

Well I am WAY behind on commenting!! I LOVE the emily quilt so pretty love the alphabet fabric!
The orange bandaid quilt is soooo cool I LOVE it. GORGEOUS!!! I just love the way you put it together and the fabrics that you chose.
Embroidery is great.
I really need to learn how to carve! His stuff is totally inspiring
I love your new banner!
And yes I am late emailing you back... SORRY I will soon promise.

sherie lee said...

Your uncle's work is so amazing, love his faces! So inspiring to see work like that. And I love the embroidery, have seen those on purl bee and have been very tempted!!!

lizy said...

Emily can make any face and look adorable. Love the glasses on both of them. The bag with the embroidery is very cute. your uncles carvings are amazing, he is very talented.

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