Sunday, March 7, 2010

Look then Read

Just random photos I took recently with my new lens.

How cute is this baby??

What we all woke up to yesterday. More snow!!!

OK, so I have news that most of you have heard already. The news is....we're moving to Schweinfurt, Germany in the fall (about 7-8 months from now and about 2.5 hours from here) and Jon re enlisted for another 4 years. We're very very excited to be staying in Germany but I keep feeling like I'm going to vomit when I think about leaving my friends and job. We'll have been here 7 years when we move. 7 years! I've made some really good friends and I looooooooooove my job. Love it. Except for the days when I quit. But in between the I quits (and there can be 3-4 in one day) I love it.
I know it's 7-8 months away but we just found out and made it official yesterday. I wanted to share our good news.


corinnea said...

Don't take my babies!!!!!!!! Kidding, kinda..... You did that just so we'd start missing you already!

SERIOUSLY, I am happy for you guys. I've driven through the area and it was beautiful. You'll have fun exploring a new place and yet not be too far from something familiar!

TheBlackForrist said...

We came here from Schweinfurt so that we could stay in Germany! I know Wurzburg pretty darn well =] (It's the best city in that area)

Your photos are awesome! what lens are you using? Actions???

Adrienne said...

Great photos! Your girls are fantastic photo-material. I never get tired of seeing them here. ^_^

We'll be leaving around the same time, but we'll be headed to Virginia. I'm crazy excited to be moving back to the States, and closer to our family, but I hate that it means I have to leave the shop. Can't you all just come with me???

Jenny Bean said...

Jen, you know of course that I am happy that you got to stay in Germany a little longer because I know you really wanted to. I will say that I wish you were closer to me though...not your family...just me and the the kids. You are one of those friends that I wanted our children to grow up together...:( Watching them grow up in pictures is great, BUT watching them grow up near me would be better

lizy said...

Beautiful pictures of the girls love the actions you used!!! Congrats to Jon and you for the re-enlistment. You will definitely be missed. Like Kara said Wurburg is huge and tons of things to do. We use to go there at least once a month because we had friends there. You will love it once you get settled.

KD Designs said...

I love the pics! Makes me all the sadder... . No, I hadn't heard the good news. I am very happy you're staying in Germany and it's really not that far! Please come and visit! But I am VERY sad for our loss! I love you and you family!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks all:) I'm so sad yet happy to go. I hope to visit often. I'll need to use the long arm after all:)

The actions I used are Sunshine from Pioneer woman set 2, and sharpen and define from pioneer woman. From eyecandy actions I used the vintage dual tone B&W.

The lens is the $99 one from Amazon. the 50mm 1:1.8

pearlswirl said...

Emily is such a rockstar! I adore that picture of her 'hardcore' look. You know the one, with Ava behind as her groupie.

You're moving!?! Wow, 7 years is a long time. Sounds like the best of both worlds though. New house, new environment to discover, new people to meet, but close enough to all the old stuff that it will make it that much easier. Good luck! I'll see you before then though! I'm back sometime in April and then again in June. Phew, I know the first thing you must have worried about when you found out about the move is whether or not you would see me before you go. Rest assured. ;)

insanely crafty said...

Your kids are so FREAKING ADORABLE seriously if I lived closer I would steal them.
That is great that you guys get to stay in Germany! Wow 7 years! Did you get there when I still lived there? Or like right after I left? I didn't realize you had been there that long. Well 2.5 hours means you can still visit!

Mary A. said...

Those babies just keep getting cuter! Whenever I get sad about you pcsing, I just tell meyself Schweinfurt is better then America. Don't forget, I got a couch for each of you =)

Mary H. said...

Can't beleive it's been so long already for you guys here, and we're fast behind your 7 yrs due here. Those next 7-8 mo. will be gone in no time compared to how long you've been here already. But, glad you get to stay in germany, where you're happy, and close by your 'old home' so u can visit, and others can come see you all.

Those pictures of the girls are so funny lol Y'all will be missed!!

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