Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stitched Safari #1

I got this book a long time ago (over a year ago) but never did anything with it because it was a copy of the Japanese version. I got it out before Christmas and made 4 as ornaments and 1 as a gift. I hated the Japanese version because it was a copy, it was not a very good one and the patterns sheet was MANY pages you had to tape together not one big one like the one that comes in the English version. So I got the English version. I made some from the new book (to be shown later) and so has Emily. She is really really enjoying hand sewing and surprisingly so am I! They are all a bit Frankenstein looking with the wonky stitches but I still love them. I just wish I had taken better photos of them and now they are in storage with all my Christmas stuff.
I used Holland Wool Felt from This is hands down my most favorite felt. I have bought bamboo felt and "wool" felt from etsy sellers and they all are crap. They pill easy and are thinner and just not as nice. I'm afraid to try other sellers since I wasted a lot of money on the bamboo and then some supposedly wool felt on etsy. 

Below is the ornament I made Jenny B. She has a puppy Pug named Luna.
I found the Japanese version to be easy to follow (looking at the pictures) and the English version even better. Emily who is 9 can do these on her own with only me helping when she really needed help. She just misunderstood the pattern a couple of times and I had to show her how to sew the seams together but that's all.
Next up will be the cow, penguin and dolphin
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