Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Large Stripey Bins

Meet my two new stripey bin/buckets.
Above is my version and below is the inspiration. It's from here and I tried to buy it but the store doesn't take visa/mastercard (only European bank transfer) so I had to make it myself. Right? Right! I still like the inspiration one better because of the way the stripes are but these will do:)

So the smaller one in the picture above will stay right there. I made it for the sole purpose of dirty clothes. The girls change every morning into school clothes right there at the foot of the stairs so the pj's go right in the bin now when they used to go in the corner awaiting a trip downstairs to laundry or upstairs to laundry basket, See why I needed it? Also, the girls take their socks off after school and I find them all over the house. Now they and other dirty items can go in the bin!
It's lined in the same fabric as the outside and interlined in PelTex to make it stand up.
The much larger version is in the playroom for stuffed animals. Below you can see how big it is next to Ava.

In case you want to make one too, I have listed the measurements below. I do not have much of a tutorial but if you find a tutorial online for a smaller bucket then use that but with these measurements! I had searched and searched to see if someone else already had a pattern or listed measurements for a large bin but couldn't find any so I had to do it myself. Darn it!
I bought 5 yards and am able to get 1 large and 2 medium bins from it. 
**hopefully I documented my measurements correctly! Don't get mad at me if I didn't....
Medium bin:
finished measurements:14"x17.5" tall (1pc)
bottom: 15" across
sides of bin: 18.5 tall x 47" wide
handle: 7" tall x 12.5" wide
cut peltex 17.5" x 46" 
cut peltex for handle: 1.75" x 12.5"

Large Bin:
Finished measurements: 16"x 22.25"tall
bottom: 17" across
sides of bin: 23.25" tall x 51.5" wide (1pc.)
handle: 7" tall x 12.5" wide
cut peltex: 50.5" x 22.25"
cut peltex for handle: 1.75" x 12.5"
Rough instructions:
1/2" seams through out 
handle is folded in half long ways then opened and each long side folded in to meet middle then folded again (I then inserted a piece of peltex 1.75"x12.5"). Top stitch.
I used peltex on the bottom lining. I sewed it on the wrong side of the bottom lining with 1/2" seam then cutoff the 1/2 seam allowance of the peltex only so the seams won't be bulky when you attach the bottom to the sides. 
I inserted the peltex for the sides after lining and outside fabric were assembled separately. With the outside piece right side out, insert the lining piece wrong side out (so wrong sides are now touching) then insert peltex piece in between outside and lining pushing it down so it is 1/2" from top. You can tack it in place if needed. Pin handles in place on the right side of outside fabric. Fold over top piece of both lining and outside fabric 1/2" towards the wrong side. make sure handles are out so you can see them but catch the ends in between the lining and outside fabric. The bin should look like it's finished except now you top stitch all the way around close the edge.
Again, it would be best to find a bucket/bin tutorial online and then use these measurements. My instructions above aren't very good, and I apologize. Contact me if you have any questions!


kms handmade said...

That's awesome! I love the buckets! And it's a great idea. I find many small socks around the house too!

Corinnea said...

Oh, I think they look better than the original! I may have to try one for some of the kids things here at the house..... When I'm done with other projects ..... So next year maybe.

Love them!

Jules said...

Love love love it!! Hmmm, possible birthday gift for your sister? It goes without saying but I just have to say it, YSFT!!!

Lightning McStitch said...

Fantastic! I have a print fabric that would be perfect for this so thanks for the instructions. I'll be back to read it again when I get time to make one...

Jessica said...

I think they are better too! I really want to make bins. I currently have store bought and they are just not holding up to the kids play. My problem is deciding on a fabric

Val said...

Hi Jennifer,
Your bins are great! If you or anyone else is searching for a tutorial that makes the construction easy, here it is: fabricpaperglue.com
Look for the tutorial on the striped bin with leather handles.
I need to sew a couple of really large ones like yours!

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