Friday, October 4, 2013

Wood Halloween Silhouetes

My two friends and I borrowed a jigsaw from self-help and made some Halloween decorations! I have had this project saved for a couple of years now with the files already downloaded on my computer, just waiting for me to do it. The problem was...I had never used a jigsaw and didn't own one. My neighbor Yesenia suggested we borrow one from self-help (I love the military) uh, genius! We bought wood and paint at the local hardware store and got to it! It was really really easy. What I mean is, I watched Yesenia do half the witch and then I took over. It was much easier than I thought it would be. The hardest part is the tight curves and as you can see from the close up of the witch, it's a bit jaggedy. 
This project cost me: 
21 euro for wood
11.99 euro for paint.
So about 45 USD. 
(it will be more if you add supports or other stuff on the back. I didn't because this is our last Halloween in this house and I didn't want to commit the witch to only being able to pose her one way) 
The directions call for an 8x4 feet piece of wood for the witch and 4x4 feet for 3 cats. Do not buy two pieces! The 8x4 piece is big enough to do the witch and the three cats if you cut just right.

Cat #1 (he is slightly different than the one below)
Cat #2
And cat #3
Close up of the witch. I'm not sure what the wood is that we bought. It was perfect for this though. It was not solid wood and sort of frayed like torn cardboard on some of the edges. The directions call for 3/4" wood but this is about 1/4" thick. We used outdoor deck paint.
She is supposed to have hooks on the back of her hands to hold the broom and lantern but again I didn't want to commit her to only been one way. I might need to turn her the other way at the next house!
And here is Yesenia! She's posing for me. Yesenia is one of the coolest people I know. She is from New York and just moved here about 4 months ago. 
I only took these two pictures while they were being built. 
Next post will be the paper monsters and zombie hands silhouettes we made!!


Kelly's Korner said...

Very cool Jennifer! I'm glad you went for it! I know how much you love decorating. Do you get many trick or treaters there? You were there last year right?

Corinnea said...

I love them all! What a fun time you guys must of had!

Lightning McStitch said...

That looks like one of those projects where the making is as great as the end result. Fun!

Jessica said...

It looks like it is chipboard. But I could be wrong. I LOVE this. I always want to decorate but I like the classic Halloween look not all the store bought stuff. This is definitely going to be on my list for a house!

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