Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PB Halloween sign

After two cans of black spray paint, 3 trips to the hardware store, 1 trip to the florist, I have this to show! Below is the Halloween Pottery Barn sign I bought years ago which we have hanging right outside our front every Halloween. Above is the copy-cat.
   I had to (HAD to) make 2 because one dowel and one sheet of the wood cut in half makes two. I couldn't waste the other halves, right? I think I might like my version  better and the only reason is because my broom is falling apart which is what made me think about making a new one. I like the sweepy part better on the new brooms.

I posted a tutorial here (and there is a tab under my header) in case anyone else wants to make one. But I warn you, it's not a very professional tutorial:0
*Julia and Jocelyn: these have been mailed out to you today! I hope you like them:) I had to send them space available mail (could be up to 8 weeks to get to you) otherwise it would have cost me about $50 each box! So hopefully you get them in time to hang up.

Monday, September 26, 2011


"Ginny went on a field trip" doll by eulenstern.
She went on a field trip all over my neighborhood!
She brought her lunch bag with some milk and pb&j sandwich.
I tested a pattern for my friend Susi over at Eulenstern.  
She is going to have a super cute Owl pattern available soon too! 
 I loved making it and think she came out super cute! I want her outfit!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Uniforms and chickens

Emily on picture day and then yesterday wearing her new "uniform" shoes! We came home from our summer trip to her not fitting in most of her shoes. New stuff with tags! Ava can wear them someday but it was still upsetting! Anyway, I searched and searched for something really cute yet rugged and found these navy blue suede Mary Jane's from Morgan and Milo. I'm not sure how I feel about the zipper flower but Emily won't let me take them off and she saw them before I could take them off without her knowing! The boots are Gymboree and a couple of years ago I bought them in 3 different sizes on Ebay so she can wear them forever! The pea coat and khaki dress are Gap. I don't know how many people who read my blog need uniforms for their kids but I'm always looking for cute stuff so I thought I'd pass it on!
Sweet dinosaurs, oh how I love thee.......
Yesterday Ava and I went for a walk in our neighborhood. There is a yard that has 10 chickens in it and the girls love to see them. And FYI, chickens are gross up close. Some of these have places on their bodies with no feathers (like an open sore) and you can see the skin! Like I'm staring at a chicken breast.
Next up "droll-training". She may be potty trained but she still drools!!!
I have set aside my sister-in-laws quilt (I'm waiting on the backing fabric), continuing blocks for the Swoon quilt, Emily's costume (in my defense I'm waiting on eyelets) Mary and Nicolas' stocking (I'm waiting for the return of the names embroidered on the cuff) and countless other projects to start the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along! I made 7 blocks yesterday. I. LOVE. THESE. BLOCKS. I can't say why exactly but I love making them. I will post them soon but I need to post about a little pattern testing I did!

Monday, September 19, 2011

little curtains

My semi-new curtains! I bought the fabric ages ago from superbuzzy but never actually made them in to proper curtains (I had them pinned to the rod). The curtains came with the scallop hem and holes in the top for the rod but it was too wide for the window so I had to cut off the holes and make a casing for the rod to go through.
Ava playing on my bed.
I love the light in this room.
Unfortunatly I had the ISO set to 800 so they are really grainy.

Friday, September 16, 2011

More Swoon

More Swoon blocks (quilt pattern by Thimble Blossoms).

And here is something to keep your kids busy for HOURS!! Crayola Window Markers.
I have to say though that it sucks cleaning it up but it's so worth it. They love being able to draw on a new surface and stand in the kitchen window. The best thing to get it off with is one of those Magic Sponges. They tend to get hand prints all over the sill and wall next to the window so the Magic Sponges get that off. 
What's new:
Jon is on R&R and in the States visiting his mom.
Piggy, the kitty no one believes we have, has been missing for weeks now.
I had a dream last night that I found her.
Ava is fully potty trained and almost completely potty trained for nights (that is solely her doing not mine).

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ixnay on the uttyslay ostumcay

Emily's costume in the works. I have been wanting to make her a witch costume forever. A cool witch costume not a short slutty witch costume. When did Halloween start meaning dress in whatever as long as it's the slutty version?  And why are there kids versions of the slutty versions?? Slutty fairy, slutty angel and so on. I think, if I have time, I'm going to make myself a Harry Potter Hogwarts robe and buy a tie and scarf. I will for once walk around with the girls dressed up when they trick-or-treat.
And it won't be the slutty version!
This used to be one lens. One lovely lens.
But Ava ripped it apart.
Who knew you could rip a lens in two? Who knew??

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Print from here. Frame is Ikea.
Red bowls, white cake stand and different color stacking bowls are Martha Stewart.
The blue scale is from a German store here.
It's the cutest little thing and I love how it's finished on the inside.

Having fun with the camera.
Ava today letting her rubber snake enjoy the air while I was driving. I truly love that Emily & Ava love all toys. Not just girl toys and if anything they lean more towards boy toys (dinosaur's, dragons, castles, animals, snakes, etc.). I think it's fascinating actually because we didn't steer them either way. At least I don't feel like we did...

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