Friday, September 16, 2011

More Swoon

More Swoon blocks (quilt pattern by Thimble Blossoms).

And here is something to keep your kids busy for HOURS!! Crayola Window Markers.
I have to say though that it sucks cleaning it up but it's so worth it. They love being able to draw on a new surface and stand in the kitchen window. The best thing to get it off with is one of those Magic Sponges. They tend to get hand prints all over the sill and wall next to the window so the Magic Sponges get that off. 
What's new:
Jon is on R&R and in the States visiting his mom.
Piggy, the kitty no one believes we have, has been missing for weeks now.
I had a dream last night that I found her.
Ava is fully potty trained and almost completely potty trained for nights (that is solely her doing not mine).


Heather said...

I love that last photo! Now do you get to see your husband too? Are you upset about the cat? I have dogs so I don't get cats - does this one come and go sometimes? So many questions!

Jennifer said...

Hi Heather! No we won't get to see Jon till next may/june. So one whole year of not seeing each other:( I do care the kitty is gone. I worry about her. She is so tiny and 10/11 yers old. She is not an outside cat but STRICTLY inside! I will admit it's nice haveing fewer cats. and I can't stop thinking about what my vet bill would be if she did return. She'd probably need shots and a check up and I would need to take her to the groomers because I know she'd be nasty. A long time ago one of my inside cats got out and another cat scratched him. It got infected really bad and the vet had to open, drain, stitch up and keep a tube in it to drain. So I know what can happen and what it will cost!

Adrienne said...

Those quilt blocks are gorgeous! The finished product is going to stand up to it's name.

Elora has some of those window markers too, and loves them, but I rarely remember to let her play with them. We let her stand on the counter in the bathroom and color on the big mirror.

So sorry about Piggy. I hope it works out. I gave my cat away to a new home about a month ago, and I do think it was the right decision, but I worry about him still. And he's with a new family, not lost!

Venus said...

I dig the Crayola window markers... hmmm... that gives me an idea! I also like that saying, "I just wanna make beautiful things even if nobody cares".

Very cool.

Kelly's Korner said...

The quilt blocks are swoon-worthy! Really love the fabrics you are using! The girls in the window are hilarious! Sorry about your kitty! I would be heart broken if ours got lost.

Kelly's Korner said...

Oh, and BIG congrats on the potty training! WOOT WOOT!

jules said...

Yahoo on the potty traiing! That's great! The photo of the girls writing on the window is so damn cute. I'm so so sad for you about Piggy. I hope the dream is a sign!
Love the quilt blocks.

lizy said...

Your blocks are coming out absolutely BEATIFUL! can't wait to see them all together. got to love the crayola products! they are always coming out with some fun things. Your girls are adorable!!! They can't take an ugly picture even if they try. Yayyyyyy for Eva and for your pocket :)

Corinnea said...

Sorry about Piggy. She may make it back home, cats are funny that way.
LOVE your quilt blocks. That is going to be such a gorgeous quilt!
I love the drawing on the windows. Those girls are growing so quickly. Congrats on the potty training!

Jessica said...

That is so sad about your cat :(
Your quilt blocks are gorgeous.
The girls faces are priceless I want to draw on my windows!! I just to do our highschool windows and it was so much fun!

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