Thursday, May 28, 2009


Emily wearing her new smocked top from the Weekend Sewing Book by Heather Ross.

This dress is so easy to make and took only a half yard of fabric.

The fabric is also Heather Ross called Far Far and Away. If you've not seen this line you have to look! It's unicorns, frogs and princess and the pea. It's double gauze not a traditional quilters cotton.
Emily trying to hold onto Ava's hands.
Ava not having any of it!

Last night we went to see Coraline. It was Emily's 1st time ever seeing a movie in the theatre. She did so good and when it got scary she didn't cry (although several kids did behind and around us, poor things!) or have to pee or talk or fidget. It was perfect. She ate popcorn and shushed me when I talked:)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

day in the park

" A day in the park backpack tote". Pattern from Oliver +S.
It's a backpack and an over the shoulder bag! I added a large strap to make the bag a messenger, if needed, that can be taken off (that's what the side metal rings are for). I also left off the outside pocket.

Made out of baby wale dark red corduroy from Moda. I really like Oliver & S patterns. The zippered pocket is so easy as was the whole pattern. It did take a long time to cut everything out, interface and baste canvas to some pieces.

Lining is Recess by Moda. I used Fusi-knit interfacing on the lining, It's perfect for just a touch of interfacing without being too much. When I ordered the pattern I also ordered the rings and the rivets. The rivets were not easy to put on and I ended up doing it a littler different than I was supposed to because I just couldn't get it through all the thicknesses.
I had the hardest time getting a good photo. None of these represent the bag well. The lighting is bad and some are blurred. I'm trying to get to know my camera and it's pissing me off! I am putting it on manual and trying my hardest to figure out the lighting/aperture/shutter speed, etc. blah blah. I am taking a "get to know your camera" class at the store on the 27Th of June.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Puppet Show Shorts

This is a size 3 and the fabric is Recess by Moda. I'll be displaying them in the store with the hopes of motivating others:)

They went together, from cutting out the pieces to finishing, in two and a half hours (I know this for sure for once since I went to the store today to sew and I had no interruptions). I thought they were really easy, no area's I didn't understand. I love Oliver + S patterns. They are really well written and the designs are just adorable.

I think that they look better on a hanger than on Emily. But maybe that is because you can see the whole short on the hanger and not on her.

I made myself the Spring Ruffle Top finally (well, it's almost finished. I have to sew the straps in place). The fabric is blank textiles (that's all it says on the selvage) and a solid kona cotton. The ruffle is a little much. I'm not sure why. It looks cute in all the pictures I saw on flickr. I gave the top to Kelly because it's just not me. I don't wear sleeveless things at all unless I wear a cardigan over it or a t-shirt under. When she tried it on I wanted it back! But then I reminded myself that it didn't look right on me. I'm not giving up though. I think I'll try a different fabric and maybe take the ruffle off although I love it on everyone else's shirts.

The other day Mary A. emailed me a link to the most delicious brownie peanut butter cup recipe. I made them the next day and this is what they look like. Sooooo good!

And what's a post without a video? Here's Ava conquering Emily.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

almost dead

I think I need a new serger. This one is almost dead and I can't live without one. My dad got this for me Christmas 1992 (the year I met Jon) and it was used/refurbished then. It's basic and served me well. The reason I think it's almost dead is it's making a screeching noise that I can't get rid of with oil and cleaning or needle change. I'm not even going to use it till I decide what to do because the noise sounds like something is going to snap off and hit me in the eye. I thought about getting it serviced but there are things about it i don't like and have been doing without this whole time like rolled hems.

I'm open to suggestions and reviews on other sergers. Anyone?
I was in the middle of sewing another chair cover when my serger started screaming at me. i HAVE to serge the cut edges so this project will have to wait till the machine gets fixed or I get another one. Bummer because I was on a roll. I had all the piping done and all the pieces cut out.
Now I have to find something else to sew..

Ava at the playground yesterday. I have a photo up in the store of Emily behind this bubble when she was about the same age.

Emily singing a Backyardigans song. She LOVES to sing, She will take this music thingy, go in the bathroom and sing soooo loud! It's adorable!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

sweet batiste

I made another spring ruffle top for Emily. It's made from cotton batiste and the trim is Making Memories scrap booking ribbon.
I added the little bow just to see if I like it. I felt it might need something. It's only safety pinned so I can take it off.

Because batiste is so light an flowy, I should have gathered the front and back instead of pleated. It looks like it's tight but it's just the way she's sitting.

Jenny had a giveaway on her blog and I won! To be in the drawing you had to leave a name suggestion for two pieces of her jewelry from her etsy store, Pearlswirl. One was a really really pretty bracelet and I suggested it be named "Coal Miners Daughter". Well, she did a random number thingy and I won! I got to pick any earrings from her store and I chose these below.
Another video of Ava from the other night. This time she is playing "peek-boo".

Friday, May 8, 2009

ran(dum) ran(dum) random

I NEED these! Like I'll die without them:) From this etsy seller.
And this mother's day card cracks me up! From this Dewanda seller.

And this is how I found Emily after the commissary today. She's holding the chair because,
god-forbid Ava touch it. She really is sleeping.

And I took new photos of the shirt.

Little Ava. What can I say....she is just so stinkn' cute.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Couldn't wait...

I couldn't wait till tomorrow in better lighting to take a photo of this adorable top I made Emily tonight. It's from this tutorial (modified for a child). I'll post better photos and how I modified it to fit a child for those interested in making it.
The blue fabric is much-horded-coveted Flea Market Fancy by Denise Schmidt.

The pattern was pretty easy. I couldn't understand a couple of things because when I printed the tutorial out I did it on "fast draft" so the pictures were not as sharp and I couldn't see a couple of things I needed to see. I had to adapt it to a child's size and I really didn't enjoy that. It takes up way too much of my time!

I think it's soo stinking cute I can't stop looking at it.

Now I have to make one for me.
I do feel almost 100% better:) Thanks for every ones well wishes.
Randomness: Jon is coming home Saturday from the States and bringing me books! Sookie Stackhouse #9 and this one. I'm soooo excited I don't have to order it! That really gets old living over here. I love the PX but they often don't have what you want when you're looking for it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've got the throat!

I'm sick again. No, I swear it's not an attention thing. I loathe being sick. Even more so since having children. It's just awful when you have kids and even worse when they are sick at the same time! But they aren't sick, just me. I have strep throat. I almost threw-up on the lady taking the swab of my throat. I swatted her hand away after gaging and then apologized for acting like a child and breathing on her:) So she stuck the swab thingy in my mouth again and I gagged again but didn't smack her hand away. "I've got the throat" is what Emily calls it. She also said "my sore throat is pinching my stomach". What?I have a really hard time just sitting and watching TV. I have to be doing something else at the same time. This is where embroidery comes in. I save it for those times when I'm made to sit (trapped. like the car or the hospital, etc.). I was only able to copy the design and then embroider a little. I just have no energy and (yes I'm a complainer) it just hurts sooo much! I am better today though. Thank God for anitbiotics!
*embroidery pattern from wee wonderfuls*
Here is the copying process. With the light box on..
(but you don't have to have a light box. Before I had one I used to tape it to the window and trace. I use a water soluble pen and white muslin or Kona Cotton)

and when it's turned off. Very exciting stuff! I took photos because I wanted to do a post on the store blog about embroidering and how easy it is. And how fun you can make it. I took one of Emily's monster drawings and had her copy it to fabric, asked her what colors she thought the monster should be and now just need to embroider it. I'll put it in an embroidery hoop and hang it afterwards.

And then there is this.... I found this blog because of the photo shop actions this person has and I saw the name Ava and had to click on the little tab on the blog. Oh my God. I cannot stop thinking about this family and there little girl named Ava. You have to see her blog and all the beautiful photos she takes. I mean they are GORGEOUS! She sells actions and they are soo cool! Here are some pictures of Emily last year redone with a couple of them.

*I used Dandelion and little buttercup actions*
And then today Oprah had on the show the family whose daughter (Madeleine) was taken in Portugal while they were on vacation. I just cannot imagine what these people are going through. I can't imagine living after something like that. Sorry to be a downer:) I just happen to see these two things close together and being sick...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mr. Snail

Meet Mr. Snail. Emily named him:) She is so creative when it comes to names that she named the butterfly Mr. Butterfly and the turtle Mr. Turtle. She just doesn't get naming stuff yet. Still cute though. I had a rat named Mr. Mann and turtle named Turdy (get it? tur-ty?) so I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree..
The snail is from another Wee Wonderful sewing pattern. It's machine sewed as much as possible. I think I sewed the mask on upside down. oops:) He looks a little sad.

*pioneer woman colorized action used
Yesterday we went to a pond near Jayery's house to feed ducks and huge disgusting fish.

*pioneer woman colorized action used
BOLD! That should be Ava's middle name. She kept trying to just walk into the water and she was SO not afraid of the ducks!
The pond and surrounding area is so pretty. It's off Hauptstrasse right by the Vaihingen pool.
The other day when it was raining, I set up this water thingy in the bathroom. Ava immediately sat in the water and her diaper swelled up so big I'm surprised she could walk. Other picture is of Ava getting caught in her push cart. She keeps doing it over and over and over...

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