Sunday, November 23, 2014

Painted Logs Yule Love

Painted logs inspired originally from here but then I found these!  How adorable are his logs?? He's genius. Just genius! I mean come on, look at the bearded guy! If you live in the UK the price isn't bad but living in the states it would be $39 for one log. I wish shipping wasn't so expensive. So what do you do when you can't afford something? You make it yourself!
I found the logs at Michaels and I think they are Birch (?). They were long so I had my dad cut them in half. I think they are so cute tied in a bundle under the tree or next to your fire place. I plan on making more out of different wood. I used acrylic paint. Easy as a Sunday morning.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Half gold frame

I took this cheap unfinished wood frame from Michael's (can't find it online but it's call Artminds unfinished wood, square) and using blue painters tape, taped across the middle, spray painted with metallic gold paint and then added a piece of faux glass since it doesn't come with glass. I used a very thin piece of plastic cut to the size of the picture. Like a plastic template or the plastic you'd use on a presentation folder.. I have saved several over the years for when I have a cheap frame like this and need a piece of "glass". You can't tell it's plastic! I'm starting to have an unhealthy love for gold items for the home. I have hated gold for ever. I associate it with tacky/cheap but not any more. The stuff I am seeing all over the internet is new and cool and "not your grandmas gold"!

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