Friday, April 17, 2009

Wee Butterfly and stuff

Another Wee Wonderful baby. Made from wool felt. Polka dots are Michael Miller. All machine sewn again except for attaching the head and butt to the body and the body to the wings.

Frank admiring my handiwork:)

Petunia? I can't remember what names Corinnea already used and I don't want to duplicate:) I call the girls Petunia so that's what came to mind. Loly? Just read a book with the name Loly in it.

Meet Annabel Christine. Heidi and Chris's new baby. Sister to Sienna. So sweet and soooo tiny!Heidi and Adrienne were due at the same time I think.

*colorized action by from pioneer woman
Just random photos of Ava. I got a new camera that I can carry in my purse at all times so there is going to be lots more photos of the girls:)

Cookies I made the other day. These things are addictive! They are cake-like with a very dark chocolate/bittersweet taste. And they look nothing like the ones on the box!

We went to Lego land yesterday (it was Star Wars Day) so I'll post about that soon and I'm soooo excited! I made something that I didn't think I could do but I can!! I can!! And you can too! You'll see..


Nadine said...

Love the Butterfly! How did you make the bits on the head twist like that?

Mary said...

That's my favorite butterfly yet, cause it's pink and greeen. That's my favorite color combo.

Ms. Annabel is too cute, she's just a perfect little thing. I hope heidi will bring her in the shop soon!

And last but not least, I love the pictures of little Ava. She looks like she's running now. Oh and those cookies look really yummy. Chocolate mmmmmmm!

Margaret said...

Tell Heidi I said congrats on the new baby. She is very adorable!! The butterfly is cute, love the pink and green. I bought all the patterns, but haven't gotten around to making any yet. This may just inspire me! The shirt arrived and fits great. I'll have some pics posted soon of her wearing it. Thanks!!

Jenny P. said...

definitly make the wee wonderful stuff margaret! If hand sewing seems to much (it does take longer) then machine sew it like I did! I'm glad the shirt arrived and it fits! I bet she looks stinkn cute in it:) Didi: the "antennas" just kind of naturally twist but I helped them too:) Mary: Ava is running.. and falling down a lot! and her new things is saying "Nooooooo!" all the's her response to everything.

corinnea said...

Petunia is gorgeous, Ava is hilarious, Annabelle is beautiful and the cookies were yummy!

Mary H. said...

I like the pic of Frank eyeing the butterfly. The butterfly is very cute and so are the pics of Ava. And your cookies are making me crave chocolate now!

lizy said...

Ohhhhh those cookies were to die for! There was one left, so I was lucky to be a ble to try at least one LOL :)The butterfly is adorable. Ava looks soo cute, like the action you used.

insanely crafty said...

I dont know how I missed this post! I LOVE the butterfly how did you stick it on the curtains?
The baby is delicious I have to wait a few more months before we have any more tiny babys at church I cant wait to steal them!
Ava has the best expressions.
Mmmm cookies....
Did you get my email? Mom said she is pretty sure you got the invites from Snapfish but I can't find anything that looks like them?!?

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