Monday, September 2, 2013

Party Headband

This is Hailey and she lives two doors down. Her mother threw her a tea party themed birthday party just for the 4-5 year old girls in our neighborhood.  I had seen this DIY Party Headband here and immediately went to the link and bought the letters to make these headbands. I don't mess around people. This headband idea is genius to me. PURE GENIUS. You can write anything you want. I LOVE IT. 
And it's perfect for a little girls tea party! 
*The headbands are from the PX and I don't know the brand.

Below is Hailey, Valentina and Ava. They were in German kindergarten together last year and the teachers called them "die drei hexen" (affectionately). The 3 witches is very appropriate. They are pure evil and so adorable and so rotten and ...I could go on and on. Ava will miss Hailey and Valentina when we move. Speaking of...we still don't know where we'll go next but we do know when we'll go! January/February!!!!
It's crazy knowing officially that we will leave here after 10 years and 4 months:) I've been here a decade. 


Corinnea said...

Very cute! I need one. What a gorgeous trio of girls!

Wow. The time will fly so do all if the things you haven't done yet... Ha ha. Can't wait to hear where in the world you're going.

Jessica said...

You'll have been there right about the same amount I was. Its so weird when it is done. I hope you can do a lot of fun stuff the last few months you are there. YEAH one more christmas!!

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