Thursday, October 20, 2016


I've had this swan fabric for 2 years or so and have only made Emily a dress (click here). The reason is I love this fabric SOOOOO much and finding rayons that have a cool print is hard to come by. I don't understand why there aren't more. If they put out a fabric with a cool print then the color is odd. 

Anyway....I finally found THE pattern. I was looking through Jenny Gordy's instagram page (wikstenmade) and saw a photo of her and her husband. She was wearing a shirt that looks just like this one (the style not the print and it was buttoned at the neck)! I trolled the internet for a pattern and even bugged Adrianna to see if she knew of one. Then I stumbled on this shirt pattern from Deer and Doe. It's the Melilot Shirt.  If you saw the shirt I was inspired by you'd say I did good finding something similar!! Even the sleeves look the same. I included the line drawing of the shirt so you can see the seams. I made view B and the collar from view A. I made a large but maybe could have gone down a size. Because of how the sleeves are, it fits weird when I put my arms all the way forward so if I went down in size I was worried I wouldn't be able to move my arms. It's made from a really drapey rayon challis bought on etsy from a shop in Hong Kong I think. About 2 years ago.

Below is why I cut my head off . Angry much? The sun was in my eyes. Sort of. that's actually my RBF.
So  below I'm showing it buttoned up. I won't be wearing it like this I don't think. 
And below is the pièce de résistance! A hidden placket! Because of the placket but mostly because I have to do this for fit, I made a toile. It helped me figure out what the instructions were trying to say regarding the placket. I loved the pattern but my only complaint is the instructions aren't as detailed as I like and I haven't done a hidden placket since the 90's! So making the top (without the collar) in a cheap fabric really helped. I don't make the whole top when making a toile. I usually do one sleeve and if it has a collar I leave that off. I don't do the buttons or zippers (I do zippers if it's a really fitted item) and don't hem it. I only  make it to see what size I am. I'm curious what others do. You should see my toiles! This shirt I think is made from a yellow cotton and a hunter green cotton. It's hideous! I just made the Carolyn pj shorts from 3 different green cottons.


Corinnea said...

I love this!! It is perfect.

Depending on what it is I'll make a toile. Most of the time I regret not doing it all of the time.

kms handmade said...

The shirt is awesome! The pattern is great, and I love the swans!

To toile or not to toile... I have been known to make a muslin version first, but most of the time I measure the pattern pieces and just go for it!

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