Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lovely Little Forest and Gnome quilt (re post)

I've had several inquires over the years about this quilt. It's my most looked at on FLICKR!
 The pictures on Flickr are the original ones from December 2010. 

So I have put together a little diagram showing the layout. These measurements are APPROXIMATE!! I must stress this. These measurements are also including the 1/4" seams. 
I say approximate because it's very hard to measure blocks and sashing on a finished quilt. Nothing really adds up perfectly. I made 4 of the purlsoho "lovely little forest quilts" exactly as the instructions except adding in some gnomes and then laid the quilts on the ground, slightly offset to see how I wanted it. I added some white sashing between the quilts and around it. 

FREE Lovely Little Forest Quilt pattern/instructions from purlsoho (click here)
FREE Paper pieced Gnome pattern from artisania (click here)

Please let me know if I am off on something or something doesn't make sense.

1 comment:

la tulipe said...

i love your quilt and your quilting! Merry Christmas :-)

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