Saturday, August 27, 2011

Swoon, faint, gasp (not in that order)

A giant block for a new quilt.
The pattern is Swoon by Thimble Blossoms and let me tell you, that (swoon) is exactly what I did when I fist saw this quilt!I have already made 3 of these blocks out of different blues and greens. It's sooo pretty! The blocks are 24" squares and there will be 9 total making something like an 80"x80" quilt. .
 *the fabrics used above are: Denise Schmidt for Joann's (the floral) and Happier Cottons (the stripe) by Riley Blake.

I took this photo at the San Diego Zoo just to show how pretty it is. That is the polar bear exhibit (what gave it away?) with a beautiful building from Balboa Park in the back ground. We visited the Zoo 3 times while home and Emily went for one week to the Zoo camp. It really is the best Zoo.
And one thing we did while visiting was see Shrek the Musical (this is the best of the photos) It was really cool but very very long. They sang about everything. It got to the point where you're thinking, "no don't do that! Now you'll have to sing about it!". There must have been 50-75 songs during the whole thing. Bleh. I do realize it was a musical...but still that was a lot of singing.
And this is so weird: our weather was 97 degrees yesterday and today was 60, windy and rainy. Yesterday I had on shorts and flip flops and was so hot I didn't want my girls to get near me and today I had on pants sneakers and a hoodie. Crazy!


Katelyn R. said...

oh, i want to make this quilt so badly. i should just buy the pattern already. And i know what you mean about the weather, i've been freezing all day!

Kelly's Korner said...

Oh I think I saw that quilt pattern too! Your block is pretty! I like the way you did the stripes. Yeah, we got that crazy weather down here too.

Corinnea said...

VERY pretty quilt block! Can't wait to see the others.

Sorry the weather is goofy.... here it's just hot and hotter! No guessing needed.

Anonymous said...

Those are some really wonderful colors. I think it will be very pretty when completed. Did you finish Jessica's quilt yet? As for musicals, I have always thought I SHOULD want to see one BUT...alway known I would probably hate all the singing, which kind of defeats the purpose. The weather: like Corinnea, it's just hot and hotter here. I wish it would cool down a bit, BUT I am glad it doesn't flip flop like in Germany. I used to get so sick when that happened. LY, miss talking to you so much like when you were here. JennyBean.

Anonymous said...

OH, and btw I forgot to tell you on the phone that the colors of this quilt you are making and even the fabric patterns remind me of my first set of dishes (that had been a wedding gift from my grandmother to my mother when she married my father) I loved those dishes for the sentimental value but when they were in storage at my mom's house they were part of stuff that burned up in the house fire :( JennyBean

pearlswirl said...

Cute quilt block!!!! It will be really adorable when finished. And i meant to comment before, OMG those oreo-choc chip cookies look sooooooo decadent and sooo good. My two favorite cookies mmmm! :) how are you?? long time no talk!

Jessica said...

Love the block!
You're killing me - no don't do that you will have to sing about it.... that is going to make me laugh all day long.

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