Thursday, May 6, 2010


A booster seat for Emily made from Hello Kitty vinyl.
The pattern is from the One Yard Wonders book that i also made this from.
I used 3 layers of 2" Nufoam (cut to 12x12). nufoam is super light but dense. It called for only one layer of 2" foam and fill the rest with buck wheat hulls.
Thanks Corinnea and Kelly for your help today:)
On our way home from the babysitters today.
This is when I gave it to her and she was SO excited!!
Yes she's wearing plaid pants and a purple stripped hoodie. I happen to like those pants.
Jon said they were clown pants. I didn't choose the hoodie though.
Jon arrived home at the same time we did so I got a picture of him in uniform. Ava still cries out "DADDDDDYYY!!!" when she sees another uniformed person (black, asian, female...doesn't matter. All she sees is the uniform). it's adorable to a point. Not adorable when I can't convince her that the person walking in the distance is not daddy.

Emily showing everyone how it works. I mainly made it because she has to sit on a booster when we go to the movies and the ones they have there are ratty and if it's a full house, there won't be any left.

I added the handle. It doesn't call for one but I wanted Emily to be able to carry it herself.
The pattern would have been easy but I must have cut wrong or the pattern was wrong. I need to check for errata on the Internet.

I also added a Velcro closure when it was not called for. You were supposed to hand sew the opening closed. I'll do anything including more work to not hand sew:)
I feel the same way about cooking. I'd rather go get something than cook I don't care if it would have taken less time to cook something than to go get it. And that is how I feel no matter if I'm sick or tired. I could have the yuk yuks and I'd still get in the car to get dinner from a restaurant rather than cook.
I abandoned The Constant Princess to start reading the new Sookie book. I love it! The constant princess is really good though. It's by Phillipa Gregory. Her books are mostly centered around the English monarch with whom I am obsessed. This one is about Queen Catherine of Aragon and her side of the story from when she was a little girl up till her marriage to Henry the 8th.
Fascinating! I'll pick it back up when I'm done with Sookie:) I'm listening to Middlesex on audio book. Still fascinating the 2nd time.


pearlswirl said...

Go me, first comment! That booster seat is so adorable, but Emily holding it up, clearly full of pride, is even cuter! My sister had a booster seat given to her that was handmade and she insisted on using it LONG after she needed it... she thought it was cute but really it was ridiculous. Here's hoping Emily loves hers that much too...

Adrienne said...

Emily's booster is so cute! (I feel like I am just parroting myself on these blog comments.) I am so going to have to get that book. Too much goodness to pass up. Then, I am going to need a better sewing machine.

"Yuk yuks" still cracks me up.

KD Designs said...

Love the booster and the story about her calling everyone in uniform daddy!

corinnea said...

I love how it turned out!!! Sweet photo of Jon and the girls!

Mary H. said...

I saw it yesterday in person! Very cute! :) Good picture of the girls and their daddy too. :)

Jocelyn said...

I love the booster seat!!!! I have booster seat envy!

insanely crafty said...

love the seat! What a good idea the ones at restraunts/theaters are always so gross!
i need to go find the sookie book! Love those!

tasha said...

i love this! what little girlie wouldn't want this for a seat!?!

Jules said...

That booster seat is ADORABLE!!!!!

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