Monday, April 19, 2010

Hope Valley

Bag is from the book One Yard Wonders and fabrics is from Denyse Schmidt called Hope Valley.

*That's Jon holding the bag in the close up

It was super easy to make. I'm still confused about that little detail in the front. What's it for? Don't say keys. It would weigh the bag down.
The bag is a little droopy for lack of a better word. Maybe it needs to be interfaced or just a little smaller. You can see from the photo of me wearing it that when loaded up with stuff it gets floppy/droopy weird looking. I had to make do with the hardware we had which was too small (the D rings. I would have used larger O rings but we were out). I do like it but will make changes next time. It's for the store anyway. We're getting in the book soon so we need samples.

Above is a new book from Ed Emberley (new in the house but new to the world) How to Draw Animals Book. I LOVE these books!!
Look at Emily's drawings below.
The green thing that's not an alligator is a dragon and the top black thing is a bat.

Below is the other book she got from Ed Emberly.

A book full of fingerprint drawing how-to's.

Below is some of her tries.
These two books plus this puzzle maker is keeping her occupied for hours.
Hours I tell you.

I started this quilt yesterday out of all my pinks. It's going to take forever but it's going to be soooo stinking cute!!!
I'm still listening to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and have grown use to it. I'm so glad I opted to listen instead of read it. It's entertaining.
I'm reading Gone Baby Gone. It was made in to a movie a year or two ago. It's so good. I couldn't get into Atonement. Life is way to short to read books you just can't get in to:)


lizy said...

Oh new bag! I like it muchooo and the fabric is very nice! Emy's drawings are adorable :) what a great book. you need to frame some of her art work.

Norma's Nonsense said...

I see an artist in the making! Emily's drawing are very creative and has a lot of detail. Good job Emily!!!!

Jenny Bean said...

I really like the purse. I had already clicked on the link from last post about the book and I just knew you were going to choose the scrunchie purse. As for the drawings, I agree with Norma...artist in the making. I wouln't mind those as a ebroidery pic either :) Don't forget about my pictures of the girls...I need my magnets.

corinnea said...

I love that fabric! The purse is cute. Some people like slouchy! I think the thingy on the front is to attach a leash for kids.... I could be wrong.

LOVE Emily's drawings. I think you need to send some here

This time I know I'm right.

Katelyn R. said...

I like it a lot! but I agree. I think it needs more interfacing, and I would do shorter straps too. And I'm sure the D ring thing is for a super cute zipper pull... or key ring, or something pretty! And those drawings are adorable! you could do something fun with them.

KD Designs said...

I think the bag is cute! I like Corinnea's suggestion about the kid leash, but I think in the end it is definitely for keys. Of course I may have a problem......

OMG those little doodles are awesome! I love the boobie skeleton! Haha! No seriously, those are great!

Are you working tomorrow? I hope so cuz I got you a present! Hint.... it has to do with our food conversation the other day... .hmmmmm.....

Mary A. said...

The bag came out really really cute.

I need to get those books for our next airplane ride. I can't believe how well Emily did. She's already better than me.

Mary H. said...

The bag is really cute! And those books for learning how to draw are awesome. Emily's doing really well with it, and it's good that she has something she enjoys spending so much time on.

Jayery said...

I love the bag, I bet it would also look adorable in a polka dot pattern. Emily's drawings are great. She can definitely draw much better than me!

TheBlackForrist said...

i love the drawings! and the new quilt!!! super!

Jocelyn said...

holy crap. - Emily has some skills! her drawings are pretty amazing, considering she's not even 5 yet! Truly a budding artist!

Regina said...

The little strap is for keeping the bag closed. It acts sort of as a weight. I agree though, It could use some interfacing. I'll have to make one using some to see how it looks. I wouldn't want to lose the scrunchiness. I love the fabric you used. Very pretty.


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