Thursday, April 29, 2010


The weather here is unbelievable. Just gorgeous.

I think it's appropriate to call Ava chunk since one of Jon's favorite movies is Goonies (we even went to Astoria, Oregon to see where they filmed the movie) and because of Jenny B.

We went to Heidi's house Wednesday and the girls played in the pool.
Here's My girls with Sienna.

She was cracking her self up.

And Annabel who just turned one.


Adrienne said...

OMG, such great pictures! I have got to get a pool like that for Elora. YAY SUMMER!

corinnea said...

What a fun day!!

Heidi said...

Thanks for coming over Jennifer - it was a great day. Sienna and Annabel loved the company. They were in the pool again today - I love this weather!

Mary H. said...

I'm in total agreement about how the weather's been lately(minus today).
Someone actually said it was too hot the other day and I was like," How can u say that, it's just starting to warm up and I'm actually enjoying it!!" The 80 degrees was like Heaven the other day!
I need to get as much sun as I can before I become transparent- as white as I am! I miss my Texas heat!
Anyway, enough about me- I love the pics. Looks like the girls had an awesome time.
My favs are of Emily laughing and the last baby pic. Those eyes are so pretty!

KD Designs said...

SO grateful for the weather! I'll even take the rain as long as it doesn't get cold again! Those girls are just so adorable!

TheBlackForrist said...

bring on the sunshine... is that some sunshine I detect in your photos =] I love the one of Emily busting a gut, hilarious!

Jennifer said...

Thanks everyone! Kara: yes it's sunshine, of course it's sunshine! I cannot take a photo without running that action over it. I dont; always use it but I check to see if it will workd. Oddly, it doesn't work with a lot of green grass in the photo. And yes I may go over board and I may look back and say yuck! why didn't someone tell me? But hopefully I'll just look back and say I went through that phase and now I'm done:) I also use hazey a lot from eyecandy actions. It just softens everything up. Do you like the Sunshine action?

insanely crafty said...

little kids in bikinis crack me up! I LOVE the header by the way... not sure how long that has been up there.

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