Monday, April 12, 2010

Little Bags

Another toiletry bag from this pattern. Fabric is Nicey Jane coated cotton (vinyl).

I love the inside!

A credit card/I.D. from this tutorial. I made a mistake or two....It doesn't slope to one end. that's just the way I had it leaning for the picture.

If you were to put something in the back pocket pictured below and then attached the clip to something, whatever you put in the pocket would fall out because i put the clip on the wrong end!!

I'll definitely make another one. I think it's really cute and practical.

Thanks Lisa for showing me the pattern:)


I wanted my family to see how long Ava's hair is now. And the curls..

This isn't the best picture to compare my baby one to but I really didn't want to search for too long. I can see the resemblance, can you?

I said I don't usually listen to Audio books if I haven't already read them first but I decided I wanted to listen to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies instead of read it. Hmm...the lady who reads it's voice is a little grating but I'm getting through it.


I started reading Atonement last night. I only read a page or two. I did finish the last book from the Into the Wilderness series that Margaret got me started on. It's the last of them and it made me cry. It finishes just like 6ft under finished it's series and I bawled like a baby during that!


Also, I've been meaning to talk about my crayon ruined clothing from months ago. Well, I received a comment (in the comment field of that post) with a list of things to do. I did them about 4 times and the crayon came out of just about everything. Two items are completely ruined and one was my new Cargo pants from the gap that had never been worn:) And the other item that was not salvageable was a vintage button up shirt of Jon's. I hated that shirt anyway but Jon loved it.


Adrienne said...

Love the bags! Can you fix the link to the second one? I know you meant to make it a link, but it isn't one.

You'r girls are precious! Ava's hair is ridiculously long, and so pretty and curly! And yes, I do see the resemblance. ^_^

corinnea said...

The bags are cute (as usual...) even with your quick clean out pocket on the second one! I need that for my entire purse....

I totally see the resemblance to you in Ava!

You used the "recipe" from the post? If it worked I am going to save that for sure.

KD Designs said...

I saw the nicey jane at work today! Very cute! Love the pics of the girls. You do look like Ava!

KD Designs said...

Oh yeah, the clip bag is totally cute! Of course I like the fabric you picked! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks and Adrienne, the link should be fixed now!

lizy said...

The bag it too cute...the fabric is absolutely fabulous inside and out :) Ava sure does looks like you in that picture. I always enjoy looking at all the great pictures you take of the girls.

Mary H. said...

Love the bag and the little I.D. pouch. :)
Emily's too funny.
Ava's hair is too pretty to cut-keep it growing!
The girls look SO much like Jon, that you don't see a real resemblance of them towards you until you actually put a picture up of them and when you were a kid! Weird! She does look a lot like you in the pic though. :)

Katelyn R. said...

Oh, I was so wrong about the polka dot lining. I'm glad you don't listen to me sometimes! And the ID card holder is adorable in that fabric!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, I love the super adorable fabric that you used for the little purse thingy! It turned out really cute -- even if the tag is on the wrong side. Thanks for giving it a shot -- I'm glad you liked it!!!

And Oh. My. Gosh. You live in Germany -- how cool is that? Hubs lived in Stuttgart for a year and our first few married years were spent in Hanau -- we loved it!

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