Monday, August 25, 2008

Owls and flea markets

I made an owl today. He's inspired and looks a lot like one I saw on etsy. He's about 14" tall, made from brown fine wale corduroy, eyes, nose and feet from wool felt and the stripes are Heather Ross. I think he looks very 70's. Like he should be riding in a VW bus or sitting on a avocado green couch in a wood paneled living room. *The other pillows are Room Seven.

Saturday I took part in the flea market held in the Patch gym. I came with lots of stuff to sell (baby stuff, maternity clothing and fabric) and came home with most of it.
I also come home with:
one baby Einstein excorsaucer for $5.00
one very large barbie airplane for $4.00
two big roaring dinosaurs for $4.00
two very nice car seats for $20
one rescue vehicle for $3.00
one rescue motorcycle for $2.00
two rescue hero men for $1.50
three puzzles for $2.50
I could barely fit it all in my car! I did sell some stuff and actually came home with more money than I left with. All the stuff I bought was from a seller right across from me. They had SO many toys I couldn't look away. I called the mom over several times and asked her to show me this or that because I couldn't leave my stall. One of the car seats was missing the 5 point harness and the mom said she'd bring it in to work on Tuesday. I really hope she does because I'm stupid and didn't get her name. I just trusted.


corinnea said...

I really really like your owl! He seems very laid back to me. Yeah, I can see him in a VW bus!! What about harvest gold shag carpet under that couch????

Yard sales rock! At least you came home with more money than you left with..... the stuff you got is cool! I want to play too!

Kelly's Korner said...

LOVE the owl! He's awesome! Corudory was an great choice. I'm glad I didn't bother with the flea market. I know I would have brought my stuff home cuz I wouldn't want to sell it that cheap! What great deals you got! And fun stuff!

mary said...

The owl is supper cute. He reminds me of a hippy. It's too bad you didn't sell mucy, but at least you left with some good deals. Emily looks really happy with her new toys.

corinnea said...

The owl is even cuter in person. I LOVE HIM!!!

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