Sunday, February 10, 2013

Double Gauze Kitty Top

 A ruffle sleeve top made from Double Gauze by Kokka, bought in Japan (although I have seen it on!) and the pattern is 2193 Simplicity. The lining for the top part are out of batiste and no interfacing was used. I love love love this fabric. Except I hate that it's an off white color which I never thought about till putting it on over a white shirt. It'll be nice in the summer with out anything under it.
 I didn't have any small black buttons with shanks so I had to use the other kind. I can't wait to be closer to a fabric store. One place we're looking at to move (but don't really have a say in it; just thinking about places) has a Joann's and Ikea almost 2 hours away. BOO!!  

**click on the photos to see them bigger**
New Faux Taxidermy from DaWanda. I LOVE these so much. They have been on my wish list Forever and I finally broke down and got them. They are hanging in our hallway between bedrooms. Jon just read recently that these faux bust thingies are out of style or going out of style. Whatever! 
Ava and Emily on a basket-type swing that you see in Germany a lot. 
A new Washi Tape Dispenser from etsy
And finally, Ava cut her thumb at school. The tip finally came off and it is finally healed. 
One last thing.
I was reading about Etsy and wanted to know how it got it's name. This is what I found:
 (the guy who started the site) named the site Etsy because he "wanted a nonsense word because I wanted to build the brand from scratch. I was watching Fellini's 8 ½ and writing down what I was hearing. In Italian, you say 'etsi' a lot. It means 'oh, yes.' And in Latin, it means 'and if.
Pretty cool, no?


Kelly's Korner said...

I know you really wanted to use the white shirt, but the black makes the kitties stand out more. Poor Ava with her thumb. She's a survivor though. I bet she was proud and wanted to show it to people! Interesting about etsy. Whatever the motivation I'm really happy the world has a forum for handmade goods. I think it really helped handmade become important again!

kristin said...

ADORABLE. Perfect fabric for that top. Looks like you need to make some long sleeved tees in different colors than white, eh? ;)

Katelyn R. said...

Whatever, John. Who cares what he reads or his obsession with Wikipedia. I vote that faux animal busts are still awesome and will continue to be. I made one of a moose in 9th grade which I always regret throwing away. I love the kitty shirt with both the white and black. Wish I could have helped you buy the fabric though... You make the cutest kids clothes... and your daughters as always are adorable! But they are getting too old.

Corinnea said...

Love the top! Love it with the black shirt....

How funny that Jon read the out of style stuff.... Tim read one recently and most of my house is out of fashion. Good thing we don't care.

Fun info about etsy!

Jessica said...

I like it with the black shirt just fine,I am running into the same issue here- never realized how frustrating it is everything cute is short sleeved but it's too chilly for it and nothing looks good underneath !
The top is so pretty I love how you show the inside too.
Your decorating style is so fun. You inspire me want to add more color and whimsy to my house!

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