Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pink brick quilt: DONE (completely this time)

This quilt is completely done now. It sat with the binding half sewn on for months but it's done now!
 Isn't the back adorable?? I did the whole thing except for actually grow and weave the fabric (or what ever you do to get fabric).

The backing fabric is red Letter Day by Lizzy House.

Why hadn't I ever thought of face painting at home???
The girls LOVE this (why????) and it can be used as a reward.
Here's Emily with her new Toothless Dragon and her face painted. 

This is the 1st year in I don't know how many that I spent New Years (the actual clock-strikes-12 part) standing next to Jon. Because I'm the mom I apparently have to stay with the kids and miss the parties. Because I'm not the one who can put away 8 - 16oz beers, I have to stay home with the kids. Because I want my husband to have fun and I just can't seem to ask him to stay home, I have to stay with the kids. But not this year! We don't know anyone here so Jon had to stay home! If I could spell the nasty laugh I just did I would:) Guess how we rang in the new year? Watching Dexter (the 1st season for the 1st time!!). We were so into it that we didn't notice it was about 4-5 minutes after midnight and LOTS of fireworks were going off. I kept thinking, in the back of  my mind, damn the neighbors are loud! Then I looked at the clock and said, oh my god, it's after new years! That just figures, you know? 1st time I can actually kiss my husband when the clock strikes 12 and we miss it.. On the bright side, Dexter is good!! I know we're super late on this but we just never got around to renting it.


Mary A. said...

Happy New Year!!!!

I'll have to try the face painting with Nicolas. Emily looked so cute!

Dexter is great! I'm saving the season finale from this season for jetlag.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I am glad you guys got to be together this year. I am even happier that you are enjoying Dexter because I love Dexter! There now you know! Love Jen

Kelly's Korner said...

Love the quilt! I know you were "over it" in the end, but it's so pretty! The dragon is so cool! Face painting at home... hmmm... something to think about. I do have a face painting kit..... My luck Ethan would change his mind ten times in one day. :) Funny New Year story!

Heather said...

Why don't I live near you? I wish you could impart some of your mad quilting skills on me! GORGEOUS quilt!!! I just love it. Glad you spent the new year with your man. I know what you mean, post-kids, new years just isn't the same!

koentopp_heidi said...

That's funny! The girls got PBK face paints from Santa and Sienna wanted me to do it right away so I told her it needed batteries and we didn't have any! Then the other day she spotted Chris getting batteries for another toy and she brought him the face paints and asked for batteries. He was very confused! So, I had to get off my lazy butt and paint her face! It came with a book of ideas so that was easy - she had a butterfly!

Love the pink quilt - well done!

Happy New Year!

Corinnea said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! I love it.

The face painting for the kids is so fun. Let them paint each other one day.... Just have the camera ready then too..

Heidi killed me with her battery operated face paints. Poor Sienna! ha ha.

Adrienne said...

Oh man, I love finishing long-unfinished projects. I have a lot of those, actually... The quilt looks great, and that backing is perfect for it.

The face paint is a great idea! The girls are adorable. I wonder if Elora is old enough to like face paint?

TheBlackForrist said...

finally finished! I love it. Ha, I spent new years trying to calm Silas down and put him back to sleep. Fireworks surrounding the house... I mean surrounding! But Zac was home, AND got waisted, and swears, yet again, it'll be his last time, haha!

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