Friday, January 28, 2011

Pretzel Buns

Pretzel bun dogs...trying to recreate the yummy pretzel bun chili cheese dogs from my all-time favorite eatery, Der Wiener Schnitzel. It's Der-licious!
I made this dough from scratch! And it's very good but I think next time I'll leave out the hot dogs and just make pretzel buns:) And maybe dip them in Velveeta cheese or cream cheese..

Pizza Spaghetti!
Did you know that I HATE spaghetti?? The smell... the sight of it...all make me want to puke. The worst thing is cold spaghetti or smelling it in my kitchen from the night before. Anyway, I found a spaghetti I can eat!!! It has Italian sausage, pepperoni, red sauce, Italian cheese blend and spaghetti noodles. I didn't add the garlic or onions and I strained my sauce to rid it of the dreaded chunks. And this is how you know it's good....I ate it for left overs TWICE!!!! Another thing about me: I HATE leftovers! Except for a couple of things, I don't eat leftovers. I highly recommend this recipe:)

I wanted to pass on this cool thing I found in case someone else needs one of these. We take a lot of trips in the car (I'm talking more than an hour) and needed a place for the portable DVD player. I found this here but had to buy if from I think because of shipping. I love this thing!!! We used it on our trip to Stuttgart 2 weeks ago. Jon said it didn't get in his way while driving. Before, we used to wedge it between the two front seats but it always fell.

Thanks for all the awesome comments last post! I did not expect that! And thanks for the header love too:)
Since we moved here Emily has been sick just about every two weeks (really). Always with a very bad cough. So bad she throws up (remember the bus incident?). When she is sick we all get sick. I finally took her to the Dr. yesterday and guess what?? She may have asthma! This poor girl...So she got an inhaler and some liquid steroid stuff to take for 10 days. She is already noticeably better. Oh did I mention that when she gets these coughs I can't send her to school because she throws up and will be sent home and we only have one car and Jon's in the field? So she has to stay home even if she has no fever or seems OK. If she has that cough she'll throw up. Guaranteed. The Dr wants to see her again in 10 days and maybe then we'll find out if she has asthma or not. I don't know how they find this out but we'll see.  And this Tuesday we report to the hospital for her seizure testing! Yippee!


Kelly's Korner said...

Pretzel dogs and pizza spaghetti! Glad you have something you'll eat! ;) Actually they do look yum! Poor sweet little Em. Tell her we love her.

Adrienne said...

Pretzel dogs sound delicious. I'll have to run that one by the husband. Is pretzel dough hard to make? I'm not so sure about the pizza spaghetti, though. But I bet it's a great way to get a picky kid to eat spaghetti, especially if there are pureed veggies in the sauce...

Oh, poor Emily! That sweet little girl... And I know that all of that makes things hard for the rest of the family too. Lots of love and prayers headed your way!

Anonymous said...

With Michael and Madison, they did a lot of testing. Michael's tests were more indepth...not sure why. He was in the machine and had to do a ton of breathing test where they measured the intake and output of breath. You know where it should be in relationship to where it was. Sierra does not have asthma but the other two do. They both take daily medicine for it as well as an inhaler 20 to 30 minutes before PE. Call me this weekend ok? Love you!

Corinnea said...

I am completely impressed with your pretzel dough!!! It looks as good as it must taste! The spaghetti looks pretty good too. It's like you're all grown up or something! ;P I've started making an awesome mac n cheese that I use Velveeta in.... of course I use other cheeses too but the Velveeta makes it smooth. yum.

Oh my word. Please give Emily and yourself a big hug for me. You're in my thoughts a lot.

jules said...

Jenny, poor 'lil Emily!!!! That just breaks my heart.
Pretzyl dough!!!! We want to make that for the super bowl party we're going to. It looks sooooo delicious!!! It made my mouth water to look at it. I hate to say, I never knew you didn't like spaghetti. That recipe looks yummy, too!
Love you lots! Jules

TheBlackForrist said...

YUMMY food! I need to make both, this week. I never liked spaghetti until my brother in law made one that was baked with cheese on top. YUM! Man, Emily... why does all the bad stuff happen to the sweetest people? Wonder what she did in her past life. just kidding, but seriously, it's starting to sound like she'll be the girl with all the meds... hrmmmm

Jessica said...

Matt would appreciate the pretzel dog things... I have been wanting to make pretzels forever! I miss the soft pretzels there!
Sorry about Emily again. That is so frustrating. I hope it's not asthma and something not serious!

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