Saturday, January 22, 2011

Two Things

Thing One:
Jess over at insanelycrafty is giving away this AH-DORABLE garland! I'm only posting about because I want another chance at winning it. Because really, I don't want anyone else to know about it!
So back off ladies! IT'S MINE!

Thing Two:
So in a couple of weeks, Emily will go to the hospital for testing (for the seizure thing). This testing could last from one day to....a week!! Jon will have to take a week off to care for Ava and I will have to stay in the hospital with Emily. Can you hear me crying? This means:
  1. Sharing a room with 1-4 other people (??? and could be more from what the TRICARE lady told me)
  2. Sharing a bathroom with said people,
  3. Eating hospital food (that i have to pay for and it's German food. I eat one German thing besides the bread. Plain schnitzel)
  4. Trying to get Emily to eat hospital food (not going to happen. She will be eating bread for a week) 
  5. Possibly getting a snorer worse than any man (like when I had Ava and cried and cried till 3 am then finally called the nurse for ear plugs)
  6. Most likely have a roommate that likes the room hot and no fan (it's Germany. Germans aren't into fans in general)
  7. Mein Deutsch ist schlecht! It's really really non-existent. My fault and nobody else's. But I can still cry about it:) 
So am I crying for Emily that she has to be tested and prodded and has to spend HOURS upon HOURS alone with me? No!!!! I'm crying for me!!!
I will be bringing a lot of stuff to do with me. Computer, movies, sewing, embroidery, magazines. I have ideas for keeping Emily busy but I would gladly welcome more. It's too bad I have one friend here and she'll be out of town that week or she could visit! She's German too! Just when I need her most. How selfish of her to want to be with her family before her husband deploys!!


Corinnea said...

Oh my, I'm crying for you too. If I could I would be there to keep you company! I took lots of activities and my own snacks and drinks.

Now I'll cry for Emily. Poor baby girl! Give her hugs for me. I will keep you both in my thoughts and pray this experience will last only one day and won't be too traumatic.

Norma's Nonsense said...

Jennifer I'm so sorry that sweet Emily is going to be going through this. Like corinnea, I will be hoping that this ordeal is short.

Anonymous said...

Ick in general for all the hospital stuff. I have been meaning to ask you about emily and the seizures when we talk, but I kept forgetting. Michael has asked me several times after we got off the phone if I asked and I had a DOH! moment :) I am sure everything will be fine. You are both in my thoughts and I love you very much! If I were still there, I would come visit...but here I am in California. Dammit!

Adrienne said...

Yuk. Good luck with Emily, I'll be thinking of and praying for you guys!

Kelly's Korner said...

Just make Jon bring you food! Emily is such a sweetie. She'll be trooper for you. Poor thing. Love you both!

Jessica said...

Thanks you the blog!
I am sorry about Emily- and you- I hated the two days I was at the hospital and I had my own room. Can you just pack a huge cooler? I would at least try lots of fun snacks.

Mary A. said...

Poor Emily and You! I would be feeling just like you. The only meal I could eat in the hospital was breakfest, everything else was too nasty. Will she be with other children or adults? I hope kids. Email me the dates you guys are going to be in there!

Juliette said...

oh my goodness, German hospitals: I know! ugh, so sorry you have to go through this! My heart really goes out to you all. Hopefully the roommates won't be too bad!

cute blog btw! =)

jules said...

Oh, Jenny, I so wish I could be there for you! I hear you on the hot room, snorer, etc. Poor 'lil Emily. You two will have each other. Buy a shitload of those pretzyls you like to bring with you :)

lizy said...

I haven't been loggin in but I still stop by to check out your lovely girls and see your beautiful hand made crafts. Your girls make me smile they are too cute!!! So sorry that Emy has to go through all that testing. It will be over before you know it. I will keep you both in my prayers. give her a big fat hug and kiss from me ;)

TheBlackForrist said...

Oh my. I hope things go the best way possible... don't even know what that is right now, but please, no snoring! Keeping Emily on my "good thoughts" list.

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