Monday, December 20, 2010

His beak blinks like a blinking beacon!

I finally finished this stocking! Everyone else's is done but mine had been sitting for 2 years I think half completed. I am VERY happy with how it came out so I'm actually glad I waited. I used a basic-sized hole punch plus one size larger and one size smaller to make the dots on the tree (thank you Laura C. for that tip!). My friend Dara's mom is the one who did the name embroidery.
I photo copied some Island of the Misfits fabric that Jess had given me a while back and then used the photo copy as a pattern for Rudolph and the plane. I tried to make the tree exactly like the one on the fabric. Damn, I just realized I forgot to put Rudolph's antler nub on. Now I just need to remake the kitties stocking..any ideas? There are no cats in that movie. There is a lion though...

You can see how big the frames are in this picture!
I know this might offend some but I have to say it. Ava's big thing right now is to say:
"Oh my God!"
And she says it when it doesn't apply.
The other night Emily put 20 hair clips (Ava calls them kippy-kips) in Ava's hair. Ava comes in the kitchen to show me and Jon, saying "look at my hair, it's so pretty, oh my God!"
It was really really funny!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the stockings. I saw somemisfit toy ornaments this year and thought of you. They were all inside an old timey tv and were so cute. Now you just need to get AVA to say OMG :) Love JEn

Kelly's Korner said...

The stocking turned out great! I think 20 hair clips is an OMG kind of moment! :)

Corinnea said...

LOVE your stocking! It really is fantastic.

20 hair clips and no picture???? Seriously?

Mary A. said...

You make the best stockings ever! Too stinking cute!

I LOVE the giant picures!

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