Saturday, December 18, 2010

Keep Calm and Eat a Cookie

Our Christmas cards. I got the idea to make it after playing around here. And here is a brief explanation of What "Keep Calm and Carry on" is. I sent Kelly the Half Eaten Gingy pattern from Elsie Marley and she made it into what you see above. I ordered them from Snapfish. Thank you for your help Kelly!


I guess the above inside message is not funny if you don't know Ava.
Basically you are being wished a badly-behaved Christmas:)

Last night was Jon's unit Christmas party were two lovely ladies cut in front of us in the Santa line. Not by accident either. They just walked up and got between me and the next person. No I didn't say a thing for reasons I don't want to get into but I was so pissed off I wanted to leave right then and there. All I could think of was "welcome to schweinfurt!". I know there are mean people everywhere but it was my first unit function, my first time around his work people.
Emily borrowed that dress from her friend Cheyenne.
Doesn't Santa look seriously retarded? Look at his eyes..


Kelly's Korner said...

The card turned out SO CUTE! I opened mine yesterday. I thought it was funny! :) Those pics of Ava in pink and green are CUUUTE! Eh, don't worry about the Santa. I didn't even notice until you pointed it out. I was thinking how cute the girls look! :)

Anonymous said...

Well already know I think the card was funny because we talked about it. I think maybe Santa was drunk...or sad because he is spending his life stuck at the north pole with no one to talk to but his wife, the reindeer, and some stinking over acheiving elves. Hmmmm. love you, Jen

Heather said...

LOVE the card! You are so creative! It's so much better than a bad snapshot with random christmas clip art. And I think all military-hired Santas are a bit strange. Ours was this year too. But the girls look darling! That's all that matters.

insanely crafty said...

I LOVE the card I saw it at Mums house and it is so cute!
People can be such wenches I seriously cant stand that kind of behavior!
HAHA the santa looks totally tossed! Oh well your girls are super cute and that is all that matters!

corinnea said...

The cards are so very cute! I loved the inside as I am well on my way to a badly behaved Christmas...

Great pictures of Miss Ava!

The girls are very cute in their Santa photo. Poor Santa, poor poor Santa, bless his heart.

Jennifer said...

Belss his heart Corinnea! That comment made me miss you so much!

Thanks everyone for the christmas card love:) Kelly is the one who came up with "keep calm and have a cookie" I had something else but it just didn't seem right. I keep thinking, if I didn't know kelly, my card would not be as cute:)

As for the cutters...I agree with you Jess. I'm still mad about that and wondering if I should have said something..

Yesterday I had two elderly gentelman cut in front of me at the bakery counter in kaufland. One at a time they walked right up and got in front of me and the next guy. HOWWWWWWW do you think this is ok???? And I'm predicting that if I don't say something soon to one of these people, I'm going to explode! I mean EXPLODE people! The reason I said nothing at kaufland was becasue they were german, I am not. I speak enough german to ask the important stuff like wheres the bathroomm and can I have this to go. I can't say HEY F*@ker, get behind me! Does anyone know how to say this in german?

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